Failed upgrade?

  Stowit 13:44 27 Feb 2004

Long story short questions. After swaping Mobos the PC demanded new drivers for the onboard graphics etc All seemed to be progressing ok but after installing sound drivers it shut down to reboot, but didn't. There's now nothing other than the fans running when it's switched on. The monitor doesn't come out of stand-by, there's no floppy or hard disc activity. It wont boot from a floppy or enter bios. The mobo was 2nd hand, has it died? The processor ran before the swap(& after briefly) but is that possibly at fault? Are there any tests I could do on anything? Any suggestions at all?

  OneSirKnight 13:48 27 Feb 2004

did you clear the cmos?

  OneSirKnight 13:54 27 Feb 2004

Clearing the CMOS can be done a few ways. The most common way is to use the jumper on the motherboard. This jumper has two settings. Normal and Clear. Moving the jumper to the Clear setting will erase the settings stored in CMOS. It does not remove the BIOS itself, only the user defined settings within the CMOS. When you clear the CMOS you will most likely see the error message "CMOS Checksum Error" on the next reboot. You can enter the BIOS setup at this point or before and reconfigure the settings.

Another method is to remove the CMOS battery from the system. Removing the battery is usually the second method as it may take anywhere from 15 minutes to 8 hours in order for the CMOS to loss the settings. Once the CMOS is clear, you should know by the "BIOS checksum error, press F1 to continue ", or "CMOS Checksum Error - Defaults Loaded" message at bootup.

You may also be able to clear the CMOS in some cases by forcing a system configuration change. Changing hardware, such as adding or removing a few SIMM's may cause a CMOS error and allow you to proceed to the BIOS setup.

On a few systems it may be possible to clear the CMOS by pressing the Ins key during the power up of the system. Holding the Key down may clear the CMOS and restore the defaults. This may or may not work on your system.

On some boards, it must be moved to the Clear position while the power is OFF, then moved back. If you power on the board with the jumper in the clear position, it can damage the board.

  Stowit 13:57 27 Feb 2004

Thanks Onesirknight, I cleared it initialy but shall try again & see what happens, I'll report back shortly!

  Stowit 14:06 27 Feb 2004

No change, I've got the manual & folowed the instructions re swapping a jumper about but it's the same as before.

  woodchip 14:10 27 Feb 2004

I would say you fried the CPU

  Stowit 14:42 27 Feb 2004

Woodchip how will I have done that? The mobo has auto selection for cpu voltage settings. You may well be right, but I don't want to puta different cpu in & fry that in a duff mobo. Or change the mobo if the chip's whats dead. How do I know whats going on.

  woodchip 18:15 27 Feb 2004

Did you set the BIOS to defaults before you switched on after the upgrade. if not that may have done the damage

  Stowit 18:50 27 Feb 2004

The cmos was cleared, & on first boot Bios default loaded, not reset (dont know how) before powering up. )-: If no one has any suggestions Ill try swaping the old mobo back. If theres still no response I'll assume my chips dead, but will it have killed the mobo?

  woodchip 18:58 27 Feb 2004

I would think the first thing to go would be the CPU
not Mobo but could be wrong

  Stowit 19:02 27 Feb 2004

Thanks, I'll try a swap back tomorrow, & doubtless be queerying the helproom again. Thanks alot.

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