Failed updates, Try again - but how?

  six-h 14:17 22 Apr 2007

Security Update for Flash Player (KB923789) Failed to install, How do I find it to download and re install, and is it likely to fail again?Also what is the .net framework, It sounds sinister, when they warn that it cannot be removed?? Would you advise me to install it. What are the consequences?

  birdface 14:30 22 Apr 2007

Net framework Is a microsoft program,I suppose you could do without it if version 3. but probably safer downloading it.

  six-h 14:35 22 Apr 2007

Thanks buteman Oon your advice , I'll install it, What does this mean?? <<I suppose you could do without it if version 3.>>

  mocha 14:44 22 Apr 2007

Go Here click here and type KB923789 in the 'Search for' edit box, click 'GO' and follow the links to the download page. download onto your computer and retry. It will complain if it cant install. Come back to the forum if you have problems with installation.

  mocha 14:49 22 Apr 2007

More than likely you will need the .net framework download, click here

  birdface 14:52 22 Apr 2007

You should have version 1 2 and now 3.You are supposed to keep them all,It was supposed to be for Vista users,but I think we all need it now.

  Stuartli 14:57 22 Apr 2007

.NETFramework is needed, for instance, by ATi graphics cards when using the Catalyst drivers.

Flash Player's versions (for IE and others) can be downloaded from:

click here

  six-h 17:04 22 Apr 2007

Oh what happened then,has the server been down again??

mocha, Followed your instructions and was informed that my system didn't have that software or version! mistyfied, as thids was an automatic download. Could it have something to do with IE6 add ons,specifically adobe Shockwave Flash Object.
By the way, I tunes keeps comming up with Disk Exceptions which never used to happen before I was connected.

  mocha 19:51 22 Apr 2007

Have you disabled the Add-on Shockwave Flash in IE. before trying to install the update.

  six-h 01:08 23 Apr 2007


Sorry for going dead all evening, I am a bit paranoid about net nasties, so I disabled my network card whilst I had a meal, came back 2 hrs later and Lo! no DSL connection ended up trying to re-configure my router, and found it wouldn't let me in to the interface with either the default user name , or my own name and password!!-- Eventually At 00:35, I tried to raise the dead at TalkTalk's helpline (Some chance!) and behold, connection re-established.

I will never ever understand what I am doing with this technology! In answer to your question, no I didn't disable shockwave, Should I have done??

  six-h 21:15 23 Apr 2007

This thread is not dead or abandoned, simply left to marinate whilst other crises (is that the plural of crisis?) are thwarted!

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