Failed or dead PC? Help!!

  Jakey boy 17:00 19 Mar 2005

Okay, my sister's PC, (which I built over a year ago) has apparently failed or died. Initial symptom was no picture on the monitor. I tried another monitor, still nothing. card! Tried another graphics card, no change. Conclusion.......CPU or Motherboard? A couple of other symptoms occured which may have some bearing. The machine seems reluctant to start up straight off, and sometimes not at all for a while. Also, the mobo light comes on straight away, but flickers a bit for a little while before eventually remaining steady. I'm stumped as to where the problem lies, and what steps to take next. I feel bad 'cos I built the damn thing, but I need help to pinpoint the problem so I can fix it. Any ideas guys?

  Jakey boy 17:10 19 Mar 2005

bump ^

  Joe R 17:14 19 Mar 2005

Jakey boy,

before pointing at the cpu or mobo, can you try the system with another memory stick, and have you tried another Psu.?

  Diemmess 17:18 19 Mar 2005

As part of checking, try disconnecting the power cable to the HD, the CD drive/s and any USB devices you have. Include the Floppy too for this test.

Make sure the power cable from the PSU to the mobo is well home and switch on.

You will probably find no difference if the fault is the mobo or PSU, but at least you will have cleared all peripherals for a start.

Now the fault is either in the power switch or more likely the PSU or mobo..... I know of no way to be sure of the PSU except by substitution

  @[email protected]!c 17:19 19 Mar 2005

seems to me it could be the motherboard(light flickering)failing that it could be a power supply problem..try replacing the board first,borrow one if you can.. and then try a different power supply beg or borrow one of those if you can aswell(saves paying out when it might not be the problem)regards karl

  Jakey boy 17:49 19 Mar 2005

Lots of suggestions there, it's going to take some time to check them all, but I'll do my best and get back to you all. In the meantime, any more suggestions would also be appreciated.

  Jakey boy 18:41 19 Mar 2005


  Jakey boy 19:12 19 Mar 2005

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  woodchip 19:14 19 Mar 2005

Well I go with dead or weak PSU

  dan11 19:23 19 Mar 2005

On board pci modem? First thing I take out.;-)

Had three of them in as many

  961 19:28 19 Mar 2005

When you switch on do the fans start?

How many beeps?

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