Failed Modem

  Quickbeam 10:16 09 Mar 2010

Has anyone had one fail?

I suspect my original Motorola cable modem, supplied by Telewest a good few years ago has packed up. On the light display, the power, receive, send and PC activity lights are on, but 'online' light is not on. I don't know if it should be on anyway as who give much attention to them anyway?

Obviously I can't get on via that, and I am using my phone as a stopgap, I just want to be sure it's packed up before buying another one:(

  wiz-king 10:22 09 Mar 2010

I had one pack up a few years ago, the internet got slower and slower and I was getting freezes and dropouts and I eventually phone the cable company (Virgin) and they ran a few tests and an engineer came out a day later - on time - and fitted a new modem.
Note the new ones are Ethernet connected not USB. My speed returned to normal almost instantly.

  Quickbeam 11:23 09 Mar 2010

That's good enough for me, I've had intermittent connections and dropouts as well for a while that I put down to server maintenance etc. I'll go to PC world tomorrow.

  Diemmess 11:39 09 Mar 2010

I think the lack of light at the online LED is only telling you the obvious - you are not online!

Back in my days with AOL, two Modems in the family played dead and were replaced by redundant ones.
Later still I found a dead one behaved when reinstalled to another "failure".

The essential point as I remember was to follow the installation instructions to the letter- Filters and software first and NOT connect the USB lead until the installation asked for it.

  Quickbeam 12:25 09 Mar 2010

Ah! It's come back on now, but it's time is up, it's clearly got a fault.

  wiz-king 14:22 09 Mar 2010

If you are on cable then you should get one free! Well - for the agro of a phonecall to the cable people. Phone Virgin on there cable helpline.

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