failed mail from Postmaster

  kingussie 09:45 10 Apr 2004

every day i get a message from the postmaster to internet user regarding a failed message which I have not sent. What is it and is it dangerous It has an attach which I do not open but delete all
signed by qstzgxbd @net
[email protected] is another

  kingussie 09:52 10 Apr 2004

I am using windows xp home oe 6 norton av

  vimto 09:54 10 Apr 2004

This is more than likely a virus, and should be deleted immediately.

Several people I know have had the same problem.

  kingussie 10:05 10 Apr 2004

I agree but why is it getting through when others are stopped and how do I stop it ' I have done the updates but my av hangs half way through and goes no further

  Tinkey Winkey 10:13 10 Apr 2004

I recently had about 30 incoming e mails daily.
Some of which were 'postmaster returned mail.'

I didn't know any of the mail addresses either.
Something was obviously wrong !

A Norton Full System Scan found that I had 3 Trojans - probably sending out more email viruses without my knowledge.

The attachments contained the Netsky mass mailing worm - just delete them !

Some of the emails were titled 'your invioce' etc to get you to look at the attachment.If you're unsure of the origin of the email with an attachment it's probably best to delete it.

Update your NAV (unless you have a subscription)and do a Norton full system scan.

Note:I had to run a full system scan for several days to completely get rid of the trojans as the buggers kept coming back depite having NAV and Windows up to date.

I don't have a firewall yet -perhaps that's why they snuck in ?

  Tinkey Winkey 10:20 10 Apr 2004

If NAV is hanging try starting the PC with your NAV CD in your cd rom drive.

Follow the instructions and run a system scan before windows (and your viruses)load.

Hope this helps...

  golfpro 10:22 10 Apr 2004

Someone with your address on their PC has been stung, and your getting the returned mail (all the others with addresses on this PC are also getting it). Do NOT be tempted to open just delete them they will stop eventually. If you can track the infected PC down tell them to delete your contact address from their address book.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:26 10 Apr 2004

If there are NO attachments these are not returned mails, they are a new way of sending advertising, making it look like a Mailer-Daemon. Just delete them.

A firewall will NOT stop them as they are arriving through your mail port which...... will be open;-)). I did post to a recent thread, warning that the mail port would be the chosen access point for any worms, trojans etc and no amount of firewalls would stop them.


  Tinkey Winkey 10:33 10 Apr 2004

Thanks Gandalf .

  spuds 13:10 10 Apr 2004

As previously suggested-Don't open,just delete. The contents are of no interest and may cause further harm if opened.

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