Failed keyboard stops PC from booting

  chub_tor 17:42 29 Sep 2008

Just thought that I would share this with you good folks.

A week or so back a friend brought his old desktop running Windows Me in for a "spring clean" - all went well and he put it in his car and took it home. A day or so after arrival the machine started to fail, initially the mouse pointer froze and then total failure to boot up. Blank screen, no beeps nothing. I made a flying visit to check on it expecting that the journey by car had shaken something loose. Checked all the connections, the memory etc. suspected a power supply failure although the fans were running but no hard drive light on, also thought that maybe a motherboard or component failure.

OK, not to worry I had brought a spare Windows XP PC with me for him to use if all else failed. Connected it up using his keyboard and mouse and the new machine booted up. Great, then I realised the mouse pointer was frozen and the keyboard was not working. Couldn't CTRL - Alt-DEL, in fact couldn't use any keys or the mouse.

It was then that I remembered that when I did the spring clean I had used my own keyboard so we popped into PC World, got the cheapest keyboard that they had (£4.49!) plugged it in and lo and behold both the Windows Me machine and the XP machine booted up and worked perfectly.

So I have learned a new trick, total boot up failures may be caused by a duff keyboard - I've never come across this before and as I said I thought that I would just pass it on.

  skidzy 17:55 29 Sep 2008

Hi chub_tor
I had a spell earlier in the year with Acer desktops being sent to me with some problems,this turned out to be the Mouse and one particular machine...the keyboard.
A simple replacement was the key to the fix.

I recently dealt with a Dell (new machine) that i recommended and built online for a friend.
happy computing for a month or two,then that dreaded phone wont work,its freezing at post bios screen.
Simple remedy was to remove the keyboard,shut down via the start button and plug in the keyboard and reboot,job done and no damage or lost data or settings.

I learnt a lot earlier in the year with those Acers failing to boot,i had stripped one down to nothing left,tried new ram/mobo/psu etc...still no luck...this one turned out to have a dual bios,once cleared on both sets of all was well.

  Technotiger 17:56 29 Sep 2008

Thanks, worth noting.

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