Failed broadband conection fixed by phoning out

  mushmac 13:46 07 Sep 2007

I was hoping someone might have some suggestions about a weird and still fully to be resolved problem with our broadband connection. After having had 2 years of trouble free connection with our current provider (2MB speed so from what I understand fairly robust), the connection started to drop out all the time. I have now tried and bought in a number of items that have started to narrow down the problem but not fix it. We have the router (bought to replace the modem when the fault started) connected directly to the incoming BT phone line, new filters on the line and had the line checked by our provider (although for reasons that I will explain in a second the line was OK at the time of being checked). What is happening is that the router is loosing the connection around the time when peak internet activity is occuring (7pm to 9pm) and cannot re-establish it. If we disconnect all other phone appliances the situation does not resolve BUT if we phone out the connection re-establishes itself and often isn't a problem again until the next evening! The only other noticable problem is that the phone does crackle a bit but is has been doing this for some months before the broadband connection problems.

  Marko797 14:02 07 Sep 2007

Not sure what's happening here, but have u had the line fully checked via BT? This would eliminate that.
2ndly, have u tried replacing/switching filter (u should only have one on the line) and monitoring if it then works? Could be that this is about to fail, given the line 'crackling' which you mention..

  Technotiger 14:04 07 Sep 2007

You are probably already aware, but I will mention it anyway - do you have more than one phone, if so a filter is needed for each individual phone.

Where is your router positioned - make sure it is not close to any large metal objects, pc tower/monitor/fridge/microwave etc.

Just for starters, and to tempt other members to join in :-)

  mushmac 14:07 07 Sep 2007

Hi Marko,
Thanks for the advice. Have only had our internet service provider run a check on the line (have bulked so far at calling out BT over concerns about charges if they find no problem) - maybe should bite the bullet. Different filter switches have been tried (I got a new one when I bought the new router when I was concerned the problem was our old modem) but one of my work coleagues has suggested to me that all filters are not equal and that a hi-spec one might be worth trying.

  mushmac 14:09 07 Sep 2007

Hi Technotiger,
We currently only have one phone on the line and disconnecting it doesn't solve the problem, only phoning out through it does.

  mushmac 14:11 07 Sep 2007

Forgot to add - no large metal objects near incomming phone line point, which is where the router is connected.

  Dipso 14:18 07 Sep 2007

Report a voice fault with BT as the crackle is not normal and needs to be investigated. Hopefully if a fault is found this will resolve your broadband problems.

If problems persist try a good quality filter, this is what I have and comes highly recommended click here If changing the filter doesn't resolve it either then your ISP need to report a broadband fault to BT.

  mushmac 14:43 07 Sep 2007

Just like to say thanks for the various bits of advice before I hit resolved. It seems that the best way forward is to go to BT first and hope they find and resolve a problem with what seems to be the line.

  woodchip 16:04 07 Sep 2007

The phone line or Excahnge is faulty. There should not be any crackling on the phone line

  Marko797 16:07 07 Sep 2007

This shouldn't cost you anything, and will not necessitate an engineer calling. It can be done remotely, and it is well worth checking if only to eliminate. You might find that your isp will always blame BT, and vice versa, so getting both done is worth the peace of mind.
On filters, I have bog-standard ones and they work fine, so I would ignore advice on splashing out on other more expensive versions. You should however have filters on each socket where a fone is connected, plus of course the one on which you connect to your isp.

  ICF 16:11 07 Sep 2007

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