Fading CD's

  jack 12:04 28 Apr 2007

I have a burned CD of images that appears to have 'faded' I made it in 2003 for images taken that year.
When accessed the CD afte rmuch stopping starting, auto-play coming on- puts up 2 folders that appear to be empty.
This topic has been much discussed in the past so I am looking for any new thoughts on effecting a recovery.
I have several recovery programs including
BadCopy Pro -Full paid for
PC Inspector
None of which will cope with the disk.
Any thoughts or new info please.

  rodriguez 12:20 28 Apr 2007

You could try it in a few other drives and see if you get better results, but if the CD has faded, the recording ink with the 0's and 1's (or pits and lands) has most likely faded as well so it's just reset back to 0 which means it's lost. I had that happen to a few of mine before. Have a look at the bottom and see if the recording area has any pale areas.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:27 28 Apr 2007

CDCheck click here

  Stuartli 15:33 28 Apr 2007
  jack 08:09 30 Apr 2007

Thank you both for the links have down loaded and am playing- one had dredged up some files - Hmmm do I have to pay before I can save I wonder.
It is true the burned area seem very feint although the colours of different disks can vary- but it looks like 'rod' has hit the nail, as I seem to recall being mentioned else where.
Nothing is for ever it seems

  €dstowe 08:18 30 Apr 2007

Burned CDs (and more so, DVDs) should be stored in the dark. The sensitive surface is a dye which reacts to light (or electromagnetic radiation, including light) - that is how the data is recorded. If stored in lighted conditions, this light sensitive surface can be adversely affected.

Commercial disks are not prone to this as they are physically pressed into the reflective surface and do not rely on the change of colour of a dyestuff.

This is good advice for everyone who burns optical disks - STORE THEM IN THE DARK.

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