Factory settings

  Looby48 09:41 10 Apr 2009

I am running Window Vista. Although my computer is running fine, I accidently deleted the factory settings. Will this cause me a problem do you think?

  rawprawn 09:51 10 Apr 2009

When you say you "Deleted Factory Settings" what do you mean, what did you do?

  Looby48 09:55 10 Apr 2009

Drive D is called factory settings which I assumed was something to do with back up, I'm not really sure not knowing the technical side of things.

  rawprawn 10:40 10 Apr 2009

Is there still a drive D there? did you Format it?
Is there anything on it?
Can you remember just what you did?
It will not effect the running of your computer if it is gone, but I would suggest making a Full Backup using Acronis click here
as soon as possible in case anything goes wrong.

  Looby48 10:55 10 Apr 2009

I was formatting some discs and don't ask me how I managed it but ended up formatting D drive in error. I still have drive D and nothing seems to be wrong with the computer, but I will take your advise and make a full backup.

Many thanks for your help

  rawprawn 11:25 10 Apr 2009

As a quick fix you could put your Acronis backup onto your D: if it's big enough, although this is not really recommended in case the hard drive goes belly up. You would be better buying an External Hard Drive.
Did you make or get a Recovery Disc when you bought the machine?
If not Acronis is your only answer. (or similar program, but Acronis is good)

  Pamy 12:08 10 Apr 2009

You may be able to recover the formatted partition, but you would have to obtain specialist software that may in itself be expensive

  Pamy 12:09 10 Apr 2009
  gazzaho 13:40 10 Apr 2009

The thing is the D: drive may be your only way to recover a corrupted Windows installation in the event of something going wrong with your OS. It's possible you have deleted the ability to "factory restore" your Vista OS when you formatted the D: drive.

Did you get a Vista installation disk with your computer? If your computer OS becomes unusable how would you go about getting back to a stable version of windows? Does the documentation that came with your computer mention this, perhaps doing a factory restore? If so and the partition you formatted is used to factory restore the OS it may be worth contacting your computer manufacturer and asking their opinion on how to restore this partition, they may have a procedure for doing it.

  rawprawn 15:13 10 Apr 2009

He would be able to recover from any future problem using Acronis. Even if the machine won't boot, as long as he makes a boot disc and a full backup there should be no problem.

That is something to watch if you buy Acronis, make a BOOT Disc as it suggests if you happen to download it. However if you buy the CD version that will act as a boot disc.

  gazzaho 08:53 11 Apr 2009

I understand what you mean by backing up the OS now with Acronis to enable a restore in the event of OS failure, I also agree that an external hard drive would be preferable to backing up onto the D: partition, backing up to DVD with full compression may also be an option depending on how much data is on the C: drive (I made a full disk backup including updates and installed programs and drivers) of my notebook XP machine and it only took 3 DVD disks. I still feel that contacting the manufacturer might be helpful, as I said they may have a procedure for restoring the partition.

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