factory restore disks

  peterh1 07:32 23 Jul 2008

i have two restore disks which i got with my acer5920 and was thinking of do a restore factory setup due to reg cure telling me i have 167 errors on my comp will it clear them i just want to know how to do it restore factory and if and what it will clear and will i have do register and down load all my microsoft updates mccaffe security and basically everything plus will it clear all my errors i only have photos on one file so no worries about any backup dater

  sinbads 08:43 23 Jul 2008

Restoring your computer back to factory settings will do just that. It will be as when you first had the pc.;however you would need then to install all MS updates, all the software you had,and you would loose all your documents /pictures etc (you would need to save these before you restored).

Its not unusual to have registry errors as you describe often values left there when uninstalling programs click here download and run remove all it finds , its free and works well

  birdface 10:23 23 Jul 2008

If your computer is running Ok apart from Regcure telling you that you have errors in your registry I would leave it the way it is and maybe get rid of reg cure it wants you to pay for fixing registry problems and sinbads selection is free and does the same job.

  julius44 13:03 23 Jul 2008

Hi there peterh1, i'm suprised that u actually have regcure installed on your pc, considering the reputation it has, it is known to cause sorts of problems and asks u to buy the full version
clik on the link below
click here=

I think thats why your pc is telling u that u have so many errors, ther are better FREE alternatives to regcure out there.

  DippyGirl 14:30 23 Jul 2008

May also want to have a look at CCleaner click here

  spuds 17:05 23 Jul 2008

Like others have stated, Regcure can provide problems especially with a host of false/positives. Dump it, if your machine is working okay. Don't even think about doing a reformat.

CCleaner and Eusing will help, plus another free program worth considering is Advanced Window Care 2 Personal.

If you think that you may have problems getting rid of Regcure (possible), then download Revo Uninstaller and use that.

You should be able to get the downloads from click here click here

  peterh1 23:30 23 Jul 2008

i installed reg machanic and it told me i had 266 errors im useless on a computer obviously i tried to buy the full version but there was no uk in countries looked for tel no not one how do i get rid of it out my laptop acer5920 thanks for your help sinbad im making things worser on my comp any advice really appreciated it told me my system health is low but when i do a base score 3.5 its telling me my comp is fine

  sinbads 09:04 24 Jul 2008

Please go back to my first post and double click on my blue click here this will take you to a download site for Eusing registry cleaner.

Download and install.

Run the program (click skip when the box appears to register)

click scan for reg issue.

when the scan is complete select repair registry issue.

Your registry should now be clean, however you will need to run the program from time to time as the registry entries do build up.

There is NO need to purchase any reg cleaner.DO NOT fall into the trap of beleiving that your system is corrupt its just a scam to get money out of you.

I also feel that you are over reacting to these registry errors

  gazzaho 16:26 24 Jul 2008

I would also advise you to use extreme caution when using registry cleaners to clean the registry as they can do a lot of damage in the wrong hands, I know, through experience and having to reinstall Windows that these programs can leave you with a "dead" computer after using it. The registry is best left to those that know what, and what not to do.

If it works why fix it.

  sinbads 17:51 24 Jul 2008

Eusing is highly recomended on this forum and is perfectly safe to use, it is not aggressive like others. there is nothing to loose as it makes a restore each time you use it.

"If it works why fix it" registry cleaning is part of the housekeeping we do, left to its own devices will only result in a slow down caused by a cluttered registry.

By all means take care with a registry ; but there are tried and trusted cleaners that are safe to use.

  gazzaho 19:52 24 Jul 2008

I understand what you're saying sinbads and the cleaner you recommend may not be aggressive but to an absolute beginner, who gets a warning like the OP just got from software developers who have a lot to gain by exaggerating problems out of all proportion in order to sell their products, I thought a little caution was advisable. He got the impression that the computer was in trouble and needed a complete re installation of windows!

I feel my "If it works why fix it" comment was valid as I have already stated after using some of these registry cleaners, programs sometimes fail to work as registry settings have been deleted.

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