Factory Reset On Dell 9200

  Blacki 17:28 28 Aug 2007


I would like to do a factory reset on a dell 9200 because of problems with McAfee. Has anyone got a step by step guide. Dell want to charge me 50 Euro to do this.


  STREETWORK 17:51 28 Aug 2007

Just use the 'restore disc which came with the PC. If no restore disc, call dell and request one. some dell's have the restore located on the hard-drive, worth looking at their website...

  sidecar sid 18:12 28 Aug 2007

If your laptop has a restore partition on the hard drive, press Control+F11 on startup and follow the on screen prompts.

  lotvic 00:39 29 Aug 2007

download the manual from click here
read pages 72 to 74 which give you step by step instructions on the methods available

Page 74 is the Factory Reset 'Using Dell PC Restore by Symantec'

  Blacki 14:15 05 Sep 2007


I have downloaded those manuals but they are based on Win XP. I'm running Vista Premium. Also i have McAfee and not Norton. I have tried CRTL and F11 but nothing works. Any ideas.


  tullie 14:18 05 Sep 2007

Cant you just uninstall McAfee

  Blacki 17:50 05 Sep 2007

Hi Tullie

Tried that and couldn't get it to re-install properly again. Dell wantted 50 euros to fix it for me. I done a complete format and reinstalled Vista and then McAfee. Took a bit longer but its working fine now.
Dell were not much help. Unless you paid out more money. PC is only 5 months old.

Thanks for your help everyone

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