facebook send me spam through a relative's account

  SANAP 21:57 22 Aug 2010

I dont how to explain this or how to prevent it happening again but here goes. I have spam filters and a few email addresses that I only give to friends. Imagine my surprise when I got an email from my niece and opened it to find just a link to a sex site, nothing else. I tried to reply but email was bounced back as undeliverable. I did some checking and apparently facebook allow companies to access people's accounts and use their contact lists and send emails purporting to come from the facebook contact!! Is this legal??

not very happy.


  Devil Fish 22:38 22 Aug 2010

their are a mryiad of apps on facebook that when you sign up /accept you are allowing personnal info to be shared and it is not illegal because the user is agreeing allow this however from time to time rogue apps do slip through the system.

This may be the case in this instance it may be that your nieces machine has been infected by a virus/malware i would tell her to run a scan antivirus/ malware on her machine asap.

Also never reply or attempt to reply to spam as this may alert the spammers that your email adress is active and the likley hood is you will recieve a lot more.
As you have tried to reply i would also suggest running an antivirus /malware scan on your own machine to be on the safe side

hope this is of some help D

  Graphicool1 13:14 23 Aug 2010

It isn't just Facebook allowing others to access the member addresses. Facebook uses them itself, to try to get you to join.

I've received various emails from Facebook and member trying to coerse me into joining.

In fact I had last week. at the bottom of the mail it also included 7 photo's and names of members, that it said...
"Other people you may know on Facebook"
...I know 5 of them.

Following this I emailed one of the 5 to ask him how I could have received this mail from Facebook, (edited version)...
"Hi T, I see you are a member of Facebook? I didn't realise you were so sad and so desperate for friends, albeit fake ones? I just received an email from them, which included both your and other members details. Why and how could they have connected you and them with me?"

This was his reply...
"Hi M, it's a bit worrying that Facebook know that I send and receive emails to/from you. This also happened to another person I know who is also not a member of Facebook."

I personally think it's more than a bit worrying! G1

It is my belief/assumption that when people join Facebook, they must be asked to disclose email addresses of other people they know. Either this or those who join add friends email addresses to some on line address book.

  birdface 13:58 23 Aug 2010

Happens all the time.
I suppose we have to get used to it.
I tried treating it as junk but it comes back.

  northumbria61 14:29 23 Aug 2010

This may provide some answers - click here

  SANAP 15:06 23 Aug 2010

Wow, what a revelation. I only use facebook occasionally but it will be even less from now on. The only problem is I have relations who have palstered tons and tons of photos, wedddings etc So instead of meeting up I am referred to facebook. They have put far too much detail about themselves.

And I did one time search for a friend never found them but a name keeps coming back asking to allow!!

I replied to the email to warn her that she may have a virus!! That's how genuine this is, you actually open the blooming email thinking its real!! How clever is that? But the person who allows this to happen do they get rewards or something? That email is going to be filtered today. When I told them they were completely unconcerned.


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