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  Beth 15:06 19 Mar 2008

I've been invited to join as a friend in Facebook. I followed the link and the first thing it asks for is date of birth. I'm not coy about that but we're always being advised not to give out that sort of info over the net.

One person says that it's possible to hide your personal info but someone else says that everything you enter is available to people on that particular friends list. Which is correct?

  recap 15:09 19 Mar 2008

You are correct in what you say about giving personal details out. If you are not comfortable with giving your DOB Beth I would advise you not to register.

  Fingees 15:10 19 Mar 2008

I believe that most things are available on friends list.

I don't personally like divulging such info.

In the end I refused to join.

Mind you, Date doesn't have to be true though does it.

All the best.

  Beth 15:33 19 Mar 2008

It's not just dob, they seem to want a lot of personal info. If it was up to me they would just get my name and nothing else.

You have helped me to make up my mind, though. I'll give it a miss. It's disappointing because the group is involved in an interest I enjoy.

I take the point about not being accurate. I did consider that but it wouldn't be fair to my friend to indulge in a load of fibs!

  diddi.ash 15:51 19 Mar 2008

i have facebook, my computer man said its quite safe, you dont have to put your details in, also whos gonna know as the only people that can see your date of birth and profile are the people you know and invite, i think its completly safe

  interzone55 16:03 19 Mar 2008

Check this news story from PCA front page - Facebook have owned up to very lax privacy controls

click here

I personally don't see the attraction of Facebook, I registered to see what it was all about but have not visited the site since...

  Beth 22:49 19 Mar 2008

I've definitely decided against.
I read that link and it doesn't inspire confidence as far as security is concerned. I wasn't sure to start with, but I am now!
Thanks to all for the input.

  recap 11:58 20 Mar 2008

Facebook is reportedly facing a probe by the Information Commissioner's Office, following complaints that users are unable to delete their accounts.

The social networking site allows users to "deactivate" an account, which prevents others members of the public from seeing it. However, the company doesn't wipe all the user's data - including photos and messages - from its servers.

The data is allegedly retained to make it easier for people who decide to reactivate their account, but makes life difficult for people who want all trace of their personal data destroyed. They would have to manually delete all their photos and posts from their profile, before deactivating their account.

Facebook's policy could breach the Data Protection Act, which stipulates companies should not retain data for longer than is necessary.

In a statement to Channel 4, Facebook insists it complies with the Data Protection Act. "We give users the notice that the UK Data Protection Act requires in order to inform them about what information is collected. We also give users granular control over what information they share and who they share it with."

How this probe turned out I do not know.

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