Facebook problem

  ianeon 17:23 29 Jul 2009

I would be grateful for some advice with this problem - My daughter's computer runs Vista Home Premium and uses Firefox 3.5 - when she clicks on the Facebook shortcut on her desktop, or types the address into the address box, it opens with an E-Mail address and password - which aren't hers - already entered in the logon boxes.
We have run various spyware/anti-virus programmes and everything seems OK - we have used CCleaner, Window Washer, CleanUp and other programmes but we are unable to stop this happening.
Is there a programme which will remove stored passwords/E-Mail addresses? or is this a different kind of problem - thank you for your time - Ian

  ianeon 05:44 30 Jul 2009

Marg7 - Thank you for that thought - but we had already done that.

  tullie 07:16 30 Jul 2009

I wouldent have thought this possible without someone else using her computer,is this the case?

  ianeon 08:22 30 Jul 2009

Tullie - Nobody else uses this computer, that is the puzzling thing. This is a desktop, there are only three of us in the house, my daughter is a mature student. Where did the E-Mail and password come from?
I even E-Mailed the address, but it was bounced back as none existant.

  blazingbadger 08:55 30 Jul 2009

If you know the password and email then go to profile and reset the above to your own.

  ianeon 09:01 30 Jul 2009

blazingbadger - thank you, but we don't know the password, it comes up as a row of dots, and the icing on the cake, which I forgot to mention :( is if we try to logon to this account it won't open. Because this E-Mail and password seem to be automatically generated my daughter can't put her own details in. She can use my computer to access Facebook but not her own.

  ianeon 18:20 30 Jul 2009

Thank you everyone for your help and interest in my(daughter's) problem.
She has decided to use my computer when accessing Facebook. Which doesn't solve the problem, but it makes for a happier household !

  jellyhead 18:48 30 Jul 2009

When I open facebook my daughters email and password are stored, the email address is high lighted blue so I just type my address, it deletes hers and mine goes in.
Then I press tab or click in password box and enter my password and all works ok, a bit annoying I know but it works :-)
Although if I start facebook in private browsing there is nothing saved so I imagine it must be Firefox saving it some where. Hope it helps.

  jellyhead 19:07 30 Jul 2009

I have just been tinkering and cleared it biy going to tools > options > security > saved passwords > choose relevant web address then click on remove.

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