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  dobbin 16:34 21 Feb 2011

Does anyone have any experience of this? I am an old codger so know very little about facebook and its goings on. However I decided to give it a try for my business, wedding catering and wedding marquees. I targetted engaged women age 24-40 within 50 miles radius of our premises on a pay per click basis. After 4 days I had run up a bill of £150 and had one enquiry. I have also been approached by 3 different companies,'Net Natives','Social Networking' and 'Instant Media Solutions' all claiming to provide the exactly same thing with unlimited clicks for £1000, £300 and £119 respectively per month. All these companies seem to be based in Cheshire and I smell a rat. Does anyone know of these organisations?

  wee eddie 17:28 21 Feb 2011

They will probably be the same Organisations, under slightly different names, that go around touting for Advertising in the local Police / Fire Service / Nursing Diaries.

Their contribution to your income will be just as valuable.

  dobbin 13:43 14 Mar 2011

I thought I would update you on my experience with one of these companies. I chose 'Social networking' click here as they sounded the most authentic. I kept nagging them for weekly statistics and eventually I got a one line email telling me I had received 169,312 profiles. What use is that! I should add that on some days their phone goes unanswered or engaged for a whole day and they rarely answer your emails. I have not noticed any increase in enquiries so will be ending the arrangement this week. I would be very interested to hear of anyone else's experience with facebook advertising.

  Forum Editor 17:55 14 Mar 2011

I imagine you can answer that question yourself. There's no guarantee that advertising on Facebook will bring in more business enquiries, any more than you'll be guaranteed more enquiries if you advertise on a council dustcart.

The secret to advertising is in targeting the right people for your product or service, and advertising to as many of them as possible while staying inside your budget. People who might use your service are likely to be fairly young,computer literate internet users. They are likely to be Facebook users, but that's not the point. The question you need to ask yourself is whether they would expect to select a wedding caterer and marquee provider on Facebook. I doubt that's the case, and in your shoes I might be looking at wedding fairs, and having a decent website.

Quite a few of my daughters' friends have been getting married or planning to marry recently, and in every single case the brides went to wedding fairs to choose caterers, marquees, bands, and pretty well everything else.

  dobbin 18:44 14 Mar 2011

I agree with you about facebook, people using it are not actually looking for something in the same way as they do when using google. The fact that you could target engaged women in a specific age group and living in a predetermined area sounded an advertisers dream and I was swept along by it and let it cloud my judgement. Wedding fairs do work to a certain extent but there are an awful lot of time wasters and extremely tedious to attend.

What I would like to know is how these organisations selling advertising on Facebook do it for so cheaply with unlimited click throughs, that is assuming the ads do appear.

  wee eddie 22:25 27 Apr 2011

Spam - FE told

  johnathann 09:26 16 Sep 2011

I have used Net Natives and good response for my Campaign

  dobbin 09:52 16 Sep 2011

Thats good news johnathann. I did consider Net Natives but I think they were very expensive, however you obviously get what you pay for. What were you advertising?

  mobing 10:45 28 Sep 2011

with the advertising ,how to get the traget customers , it just depends on FACEBOOK to do for you or it will not ?i still don't know how to use facebook well for advertising !

  johnathann 13:37 03 Oct 2011

I am doing advertisement for my Online Shop.

  SalesExpert 10:23 04 Oct 2011

Nowadays facebook is doing well in terms of promoting through social media advertising.setting up account is easy and so easy to create the advert. advert can be set to appear on the demography and many criteria such occasion display, any event display etc. Keeping this point into consideration, FB ad is very good place to place the adverts.

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