f1 to start windows

  joaniem1947 04:09 30 May 2008

i used pc angel ,as i have i was getting error messages on several occasions ,then finally i couldn`t get windows on at all ,anyway after using pc angel i now have to press f1 to get started,i had this problem once before and was advised to disable my floppy disc drive as it wasn`t working any way this solved the problem then but it hasn`t worked this time , can anyone throw any light on this for me please? joanie m

  BurrWalnut 08:37 30 May 2008

Is it in the BIOS where you have disabled the floppy drive?

As that is where the message is generated.

  joaniem1947 11:08 30 May 2008

hi burr walnut ,yes i also went to device manager and disabled there ,joan

  Taff™ 11:51 30 May 2008

There`s an entry in the BIOS (Advanced section I think) to also disable the "Search for Floppy"

  Taff™ 11:57 30 May 2008

Sorry it`s called "Floppy Drive Seek". Also on some BIOS`s you have an option called "Pause on error" - you need to set this to Keyboard only.

  joaniem1947 15:32 30 May 2008

hi taff how do i get to the floppy drive seek ,i`ve not got the entry you suggested !! i dont think as you can tell i`m not very computer literate joan

  Taff™ 17:24 30 May 2008

There are different versions of BIOS from different manufacturers. You may not have this option but just work your way between the options - the keyboard directions are normally at the bottom of the screen. If you post back the version of the BIOS I`ll see if I can find a similar set of instructions.

  Ditch999 17:34 30 May 2008

I get the F1 error when I cold start my PC but its because my fan has not got up to speed. I have the BIOS set to show this warning if the fan speed drops below 800rpm.

  Taff™ 22:34 30 May 2008

Different versions of BIOS from different manufacturers.

  joaniem1947 23:26 30 May 2008

hi taf hi ditch 999,my computer is a zoostorm,the name on the bios page is phoenix-award,does this tell you anything,my fan speed when i checked was 2678 rpm the cpu speed was 2083 both fluctuating ,sorry it ttok me so long to get back to you ,but now i`m getting blank pages also ,and everything is running so slow joan

  Taff™ 06:51 31 May 2008

A set of Generic Phoenix Award BIOS instructions click here More specific ones click here Look for the Error Halt setting in the Standard CMOS settings. Perhaps set it to All,but diskette.

What do you mean by Blank Pages?

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