F-Secure Antivirus - Antispyware program.

  xphile 05:34 30 Jul 2005

Can someone tell me if the Anti-Spyware program included with F-Secure Antivirus is the professional version of AdawareSE? If so, I guess I don't need AdawareSE free installed on my pc as well. Can anyone confirm this?

  radi8or 07:22 30 Jul 2005


As Ad Monitor looks the same as Ad watch and that is not available in the free version of Ad-aware,
also the plug-ins for F-secure Anti- spyware are downloaded from the Lavasoft site, I would hazard a guess and say yes

Dump Ad-aware and try, you can always put it back

Regards Bob

  xphile 07:57 30 Jul 2005

The update files have the same reference numbers as adaware, so I guess it is the pro version. The ad monitor is sat in my system tray. Wish it would have loaded automatically. Had FS nearly a month & never knew it had adaware with it! Only found it by chance when FS didn't work at startup for some reason. Just reinstalled & working fine now. Why do these things happen? Everything fine, haven't tinkered with pc, then one morning something doesn't work as it usually does??? Maybe that's something for another thread!

  xphile 08:00 30 Jul 2005

p.s Have dumped AdawareSE free, as the F-Secure version seems to do same job. No problems.

pps. Thanks for fast response Bob, guess you're an earlybird too.

  radi8or 08:12 30 Jul 2005


I had a problem with updating definitions had to reinstall it everything fine now.

Aren't computers wonderful,your bumbling along month after month no worries then Mr i know everything and your only a human decides to throw a spanner in the works for no apparent reason.

Have got into habit of getting up early early for work now cant sleep in at weekends, it takes a week to get out of the habit when on holiday
drives my missus up the wall

Regards Bob

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