F secure 2007 ZoneALarm 6.5 compatibility

  robgreig 21:42 18 Nov 2006

I have downloaded a trial version of F-secure Antivirus whcih I wish to use alongside ZoneAlarm firewall (I don't want to pay extra for F-Secures). The installer prompted me that the two programs are
incompatible. What I want to know, do they really conflict, or is this just a marketing ploy so F-secure make me fork out money for their firewall as well?

If they aren't compatible, could you please advise me on an anti virus solution which can be bought in a 3-user version (or is free) and is very good value, which is compatible with zonealarm.

  Scouter 21:49 18 Nov 2006

No doubt you will get many replies, if y9u do a search you wil find many threads which recommend various products, one of which is AVG obtainable from click here

I use Zone Alatrm and AVG and have not experienced any conflict.

  robgreig 21:52 18 Nov 2006

OK, thanks for the quick reply. In the past, I have avoided AVG as I have often thought that as a free app it cant be that good, does anyone have any opinions on AVG - I'd be grateful to hear them.

  Scouter 21:54 18 Nov 2006

See this thread
click here

  robgreig 21:59 18 Nov 2006

Thanks - Ill do a few googles on reviews of avg and consider using that.

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