f disk pc

  fishmanchris 14:27 29 Apr 2003

hi there i have a few problems with my pc and i would like to f disk it so i can start loading the software again from scatch
all i need isthe instructions on how to do this im running on me and its p1 thankyou.

  -pops- 15:07 29 Apr 2003

Do you have the manual for Windows Me? It is all described in there.

If not, come back here. I've done it several times in the past and either me (from a failing memory) or someone much more au fait with it will help.


  cream. 15:12 29 Apr 2003

Fdisk is not needed to clean the hard drive unless you wish to resize or add partitions to your hard disk. A simple "c:\ format c:" dos command will wipe all your windows and data from the drive. You can use this command by either downloading a win 98 bootdisk from here

click here
or boot with your M.E. disk, the bios must be set for cdrom first boot.

If you still wish to fdisk then look at this site which was suggested by a forum member recently.
click here

Before even considering wiping the disk make sure you have backed up all of your important data and have all of the driver disks you need to re-install.

  fishmanchris 15:12 29 Apr 2003

no manual mate sorry but please give us some help as my pc is doing me nut in cheers

  -pops- 15:16 29 Apr 2003

Excellent "click here" given by TVI - all you want to know and not rely on my ancient memory!


  cream. 15:19 29 Apr 2003

That makes two of us, memory wise. lol

  cream. 15:44 29 Apr 2003

If you wish to fdisk then you would have to post back with full details of the present disk, partitions etc. and what you wish to achieve when fdisk is complete. e.g. resize or create partitions.

If you wish just to format the hard drive then do this. It's really going to task my memory as I have not done M.E. for a few years.

Start your computer up and keep taping the delete key. This should bring you into the bios also called cmos.

Scroll down to advanced cmos settings and press enter. The page should now open. Now scroll down to first boot and change this to cdrom. You can do this by using the PgUp or PgDn buttons on the keyboard. When you have got this press the esc. key. You will now be back to the first page. Pick save settings and exit, then press y.

Your computer will now reboot. Put in the M.E. disk and let it load. You should be asked if you want cdrom support, pick this. It then should load to a flashing a:
This is the point were you can start your format. Type after the a:\, format c: so it looks like this a:\ format c:

There is a space between the \ and format. There is also a space between format and c:

You will then be asked if you wish to proceed, type y. The format will start.

When it is finished press Ctrl.alt. and delete to reboot the computer again.

As it loads take note of what drive letter has been assigned to the cdrom.

When it gets back to the flashing a:\ again you need to put you cdrom drive letter after it. e.g. a:\ d and enter.

You can check if this is the right drive by typing dir after the d:\ so it would look like d:\ dir and enter. If this shows a windows M.E. folder then you know you have the right drive.

Now to install windows. When you have the d:\ type after it so it says d:\ win_me\setup.
I think that is the right command but it is a long time since I have used it. I will check if it does not load. Every thing from now one should be plain sailing.

Hope this is of use to you.

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