F-419 TFT with DVI problem

  Giant_1 18:40 21 Jan 2006

My Agneovo TFT seems to have a problem when running through my DVI cable. I have a 9800 pro graphics card with a DVI port and when I link the monitor up to it I lose over half of the options on the TFT's OSD, these include picture sharpness, moving the screen (I can list all if required) .
One of the options on the OSD is called auto and input select. Within this menu there are two options Use analogue input and Use digital input. It always defaults to Use analogue and I can select digital but it does not seem to make any difference. When I hook up the monitor through the standard VGA port on the TFT and on the graphics card the monitor has all of the functions that it should have on the OSD.

This is the second monitor from AGneovo I have already RMA'd the first so it is not a problem with the monitor, unless I am incredibly unlucky :-/

  Giant_1 22:53 21 Jan 2006

Anyone got any idea on this, I am wide open to suggestion....

  Domza 10:33 06 Feb 2006

Giant_1 - did you get anywhere with this?

I've recently bought an F-419 and am so far very impressed but am using it on analogue connection as my intel on-board graphics don't support DVI. I was going to buy a graphics card this week, partly to improve graphics performance in general but also because I wanted to utilise the DVI connection to the monitor. I've read that DVI doesnt hugely improve image quality, but if it also means I lose funtionality then I may well not bother investing in a card.

  Stuartli 10:42 06 Feb 2006

My son recently bought the same TFT, which came with a DVI cable, and hasn't had any problems with digital functionality.

DVI does substantially improve display quality but a large part is also played (obviously) by the graphics card. See:

click here

My son has an ATi graphics card...:-)

  Big Elf 11:19 06 Feb 2006

I've also got one of these and use the DVI input. Some of the options are not available on my screen either but I assumed that Digital input meant that fine adjustments are not required and that these option would only be necessary using the analogue connection.

  Domza 12:04 06 Feb 2006

Thanks Stuartli that link was really helpful. Very comprehensive. It does appear DVI connection to the monitor is the way to go.

  Giant_1 12:49 12 Feb 2006

Big elf thats interesting that you too have problems, I have contacted AG Neovo and we should still have those options apparently.

The one that gts me is that the auto button should work and should sort out the best picture quality for you but it does not. You may be like me and have only 4 options out of the 12 available and this really does limit the ability to change the display for different tasks - movies/games/wordprocessing etc.

Anyone else got these problems? after reading that link from stuart it could be a problem with the 9800 pro and newer DVI TFT's can anyone shed any light on this. There must be at least 18 months between my graphics card and my TFT date of manufacture.

  Domza 11:31 13 Feb 2006

The F-419 has its DVI input (and came with a DVI cable) and over the weekend I bought a basic ATI Radeon X300 graphics card (with DVI and analogur outputs).

Fitted the card this morning and when I went to hook up the DVI cable it's different! It appears the F-419 uses DVI-D connections and my graphics card uses DVI-I connections.

Does anyone know if there is such a thing as a DVI-I to DVI-D adaptor, or a cable with one each end?

Feel a bit stupid for not checking first!

  Big Elf 12:09 13 Feb 2006

Are you sure you've connected the correct cable. The DVI one fit's in the top slot on the back of the monitor.

The first FAQ at click here suggests that DVI-D and DVI-I suggests that it should work.

  Domza 12:41 13 Feb 2006

Its odd. The monitor came with 2 cables, an analogue and a dvi. The analog is in use at the moment.

I'll have another go tonight and see what I can figure out - maybe I'm being daft!

  Big Elf 19:01 13 Feb 2006

From my point of view I don't have a problem. I did Autosetup and my display is fine. I have changed the settings for contrast and brightness due to deteriorating eyesight (I no longer appreciate brightness in a display) but other than that I haven't and never have changed settings for different tasks including DVD playback on my CRT's or TFT's once I've set them up.

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