extrenal hard drive

  1x11456 13:30 28 Nov 2005

i have just bought a brand new external hardrive which should be 160gb but it is showing only 149gb the person who sold it me says that the 11 missing gigs are lost in the wirring from the ex hdd to the computer and it will show only 149gigs but in truth its a 160gb.i know iam not that good on computers but i think that is a lie can someone plese confirm one way or another what a 160gb externam hdd should read when empty..many thanks

  moore_mat 14:22 28 Nov 2005

Hi 1x11456

You're not getting ripped off, but the explanation is somewhat wide of the mark.

Without getting too complicated; a megabyte isn't 1,000,000 bytes; it's 1,048,576 bytes.

Therefore; any hard drive you see on the streets purports to be the former as it gives a larger number - in order to work out the "real" size of a hard drive; just take the manufacturers number and divide it by 1.074 - this give you 149 (more or less)

Nope - I failed on the "keep it simple rule"! Sorry - working with bytes and so on is always confusing (and many of the guys in the forum will attest to the issues these things cause); but to summerise; the 149Gb figure is about right.

A more detailed explanation is available here:-
click here

All the best


  1x11456 18:40 28 Nov 2005

thanks for the explanation mat i thought it sounded stupid the way he explained it.he is prob just as bright as me on computers but then again thats pc world for you..lol ixi

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