Extremely slow Windows XP Pro start up

  Wulfrune 18:25 29 Apr 2004

I run Windows XP Pro (legal version) and for some strange reason the start up sequence seems to to running like treacle, it can take like 5 mins for everything to start up... by that I mean:
Norton AV pro
Zone Alrms Pro
Anti Spys
and ICQ

When they're finally loaded the computer runs fine with no major problems.

Over to you people, anyone help me out there please?



  [email protected]® 18:30 29 Apr 2004

Go into msconfig then startup and untick everything apart from your antivirus software.

  [email protected]® 18:34 29 Apr 2004

Also click here

  BeForU 18:36 29 Apr 2004

Other than the Msconfig method which could cause things to go wrong, you can also go into those programs themselves and go into their options. From there, you should be able to find options to turn them off from starting whenever Windows boots up. All you really need to stay starting up are your antivirus and firewall programs.

  Mister Splendid 18:59 29 Apr 2004

Another thing to speed up booting is bootvis. You used to be able to get this from MS but it is no longer available from them. You might though be able to find it if you dig around online for a bit. Search for bootvis.exe. If you manage to find it just install it and open it, then choose optimise. It can make a very noticeable difference.

  Wulfrune 14:00 07 May 2004

:) Wulfrune

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