extremely slow pc

  mikethebus 07:30 29 Mar 2006

Help Wanted (please).
My main pc has suddenly slowed to a crawl- it takes 5-10 minutes to react to a keystroke.
CPU usage is only 3% (idle is 97%); there is 25% disc space remaining (10GB) and no apparent reason for the slow down, except that the hard disc activity light is always on.
I have XP Pro SP1 on a Pentium III 933MHz with 256Mb memory & 2 HDD (40GB & 120GB).
Can anyone help with this? I can't boot to safe mode - it hangs, and it takes up to an hour to start up and log in.

Thanks in advance. :?

  DrScott 07:46 29 Mar 2006

A spyware scan, adware scan, virus scan etc.? Often the cause of such issues.

Might be worth getting SP2 for your PC too...

  rawprawn 08:25 29 Mar 2006

Get CCleaner and run it click here also Ewido click here Untick Auto Updates and Real time protection and it is free you just need to update manually.
click here

  rawprawn 08:27 29 Mar 2006

Sorry for the two links to Ewido, also I agree with DrScott get upgraded to SP2

  mikethebus 11:05 29 Mar 2006

I have SP2 ready to install but because of the slow response to keys strokes I can't install it during an XP session.
I have Adaware SE, AVG, and Sygate firewall installed, but I now can't check anything as the pc is to busy with disc access. cpu is sitting idle meanwhile.
Anyway around this without a rebuild?
Do you think there is a memory problem or an impending disc crash (if it hasn't happened already).

  rawprawn 11:25 29 Mar 2006

Can you get to cmd prompt and type CHKDSK /f

  mikethebus 11:30 29 Mar 2006

Don't know - will try this tonight.

  rawprawn 11:31 29 Mar 2006

If not try booting with XP CD and repair, but your HD sounds shot at.

  mikethebus 12:50 30 Mar 2006

Noticed in the events log:
"The driver has detected that the device \Device\Scsi\ultra1 has an old or out of date firmware. Reduced performance may result."
Could this be the cause?

  rmcqua 12:52 30 Mar 2006

No, I don't think so, not if the problem started suddenly.

  mikethebus 12:55 30 Mar 2006

All the files/data are still accessible on the disc - it just takes ages to act on disc access. Is there anyway of finding out exactly what is going on and why?

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