extremely noiseu harddrive

  stourry 23:24 02 Apr 2006

A freind has a p111 running win millenium
and is getting an extrem amount of noise from the harddrive after running for awhile drive is about 5 yrs old 40gb has anyone come across this and could it mean h/d on way out. still operates okay just worried could being going to fail
any advice welcomed

  terryf 23:30 02 Apr 2006

Would suggest that your friend makes a backup of the HD to, say, an external HD and then downloads an appropriate test program from the site of the manufacturer of his HD. Maxtor do one called Maxblast that you copy to a floppy and boot up from this floppy and it does extensive low level testing of the HD.

  nagonlouse 23:51 02 Apr 2006

Hi stourry
Can only reiterate what terryf has suggested and keep backing the HD up regulary.
I might add that the HD that I have in my desktop comp has sounded like a machine gun on start up for more than 12 months now so I back up every month without fail.
It does quieten down after a couple of minutes so I`ll wait till it goes belly up alltogether. Iv`e got the backup

  terryf 23:58 02 Apr 2006

Also consider buying another bigger HD and instal as D drive and keep all your data on that, have only progs and OS on C, use Acronis to make a backup image of C, then if it fails buy a replacement and using the Acronis recovery CD copy the image to the new drive. Acronis will clone your image on to a new drive. I back up my OE data and emails using EA8 to my D drive

  stourry 07:45 03 Apr 2006

thanks everyone I will let them know but they will probably go for new h/d and transfer data they already backup a lot
thanks once again

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