extracting text from a pdf

  jake5 08:29 19 Jan 2005

Does anyone know a way of extracting sections of text from a pdf document?

  georgemac 08:35 19 Jan 2005

only way I can see using reader is to select all, copy to word then delete the bits you don't want.

  jake5 08:37 19 Jan 2005

Unfortunatly the select all button is greyed out!

  Diodorus Siculus 08:38 19 Jan 2005

What version? More recent versions allow the user to select text - there is a button near the top to click and then by dragging the mouse it is possible to select the text.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:39 19 Jan 2005

jake5 - that means that the author has locked the file to prevent it being copied. Some OCR programs can scan them and get the text.

  jake5 08:43 19 Jan 2005

Version 6, and yes, I appreciate the fact that it has been locked, but it is a 4 year old document and we have now been given permission to use parts of it, but cannot get at them.
May have to go backto original author!

  georgemac 08:45 19 Jan 2005

I am using version 7

  Diodorus Siculus 08:46 19 Jan 2005

Do you have a recent OCR program? Worth trying.

  jake5 08:46 19 Jan 2005

Perhaps I should upgrade?

  Brian-336451 09:12 19 Jan 2005

INstead of 'select all' have you tried to highlight selected passages then copy and paste (using the text tool)?

I've certainly done that to get information from some documents. I'm using Acrobat 6 (7 Reader is out but have only downloaded it, not used it yet)

  TomJerry 09:27 19 Jan 2005

if select text button greyed out, then the file is protected by either password or security certificate, it means that the author of the files does not want you do re-use the document

no matter which version you have, it simply cannot be done

if you got permission, you can try "Diodorus Siculus" method, print out and scan it in

there are some pdf file password recovery software, you can search web to find out, but they are not free.

you can also try convert doc click here

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