extra USB ports

  Newuser2 18:05 07 Jul 2004

I've got an ASUS K8V mobo. It has 4 usb ports on the mobo & 4 more via 2 headers on the mobo.
My PC case has the facility for 2 more usb ports on the front of the case.
Is there any way of connecting the 2 ports on the front of the case just saves having to grovel around the back.

  Meshuga 18:22 07 Jul 2004

Why not just get a powered 4port usb hub and plug it in one of the existing ports,as I have done, and place it any where handy. They are not expensive.Meshuga.

  jack 20:02 07 Jul 2004

Gat a Hub Bub just a Meshuga sez
about a tenner or less lots about at fairs
etc., or mail order try click here

  pj123 21:29 07 Jul 2004

email me for an excel chart on how to connect the front USB cables. Sorry but I can't work out how to put it up on the forum.

  Lijobo 11:58 08 Jul 2004

May I e-mail you for that wiring diagram? I too have a ASUS mobo (A7V8X-X) with headers for extra USB ports. The header pins are clearly marked in the mobo manual. Problem is, the cable from the front panel of my case, which is laid as a flat cable, fans out into 8 individual wires, the connectors of which are not marked.
Or does anyone know the wiring convention, if there is one?
Thanks to all.

  pj123 14:51 09 Jul 2004

Lijobo, yes please do. Will be pleased to email it to you.

  Lijobo 13:17 18 Jul 2004

I now have two operational USB 2 ports on my front panel - all thanks to the forum and, particularly to PJ 123.
Keep the faith etc.

  Wak 14:35 18 Jul 2004

I have just noticed this posting and for anyone else who is interested, I offer the following:-
When I installed the wiring for the TWO front USB ports on my mobo, it worked out like this:-
One side of the connector block on the mobo (JUSB1) is labelled 1,3,5,7,9 and the other side is labelled 2,4,6,8,10
The cable comprises 2 of each colour Red, Green, White, Black.
1 (+5V) = Red, 3 = Green, 5 = White, 7 (GND)= Black, 9 no connection pin
2 (+5V) = Red, 4 = Green, 6 = White, 8 (GND)= Black, 10 leave empty

My USBs at the front work fine but you use the above instructions at your own risk (I add that proviso just in case!!!)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:39 18 Jul 2004

added to my postings

  pj123 16:04 18 Jul 2004

As Wak so rightly says. Use the connections at your own risk. My excel chart has now been emailed to at least 6 members, all of them have replied with working Front USB ports.

You may find you don't have a White cable, but a Yellow cable, and contrary to Wak my connections are Red, White/Yellow, Green and Black.

Red = V1 and V2, White/Yellow = D1-/D2-, Green = D1+/D2+ and Black = G1/G2.

So there are differences in the way the front USB ports are configured. Be Careful.

  Wak 19:28 18 Jul 2004

Just to add to what pj123 has mentioned, I initially checked with an engineer at Planetmicro who stated that the White and Green wires may be interchanged or different on some mobos. If it doesn't work having them one way, then try the other way around.
My system worked OK the way I quoted above so I left them like that.
As long as the Red and Black wires are in the right position the white and green can be swapped about.
Obviously, as pj123 mentioned, some systems are interchanging yellow cables in lieu of white.
I find the front USBs much handier for memory sticks and camera cables, etc.

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