Extra unscheduled AVG scan ?

  la la 16:55 28 Dec 2008

Is AVG running a second scan today - it did my normal scan this morning and about an hour ago it started another one which is still running ?

  Halmer 17:01 28 Dec 2008

to run a scan immediately upon boot if a day has been missed and then run a scan again.

For example if it is set to run a scan daily at 2200 hours but the PC is switched off at 2200 it will run a scan when it is turned on the next day at (say)1800 hours. If the PC is then left on for four hours it will run a second scan at 2200.

All will be revealed at Tools/Advanced settings/Schedules/Scheduled Scan if you double click on the AVG icon in the brhc.

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