menopaws1947 16:37 21 Nov 2007

Hi again, My lovely Dell Inspirom 1501 is arriving tomorrow and I want to buy extra memory. I couldn't afford it when I bought the comp but I think it can be added ? If so, where would I buy it and does it just slot in?

I also had a "fixed dvd rw installed so I could download movies - where do I find them and what do I do ?? LEGAL of course

  MCE2K5 18:20 21 Nov 2007

buy extra memory. click here

  MAJ 18:25 21 Nov 2007

Depends on how much memory is in there already, you only have two memory slots. Each slot can hold a maximum of 1GB. If the laptop has Vista installed, I'm guessing you will have 1GB installed, whether that's installed as 2 x 512MB modules or 1GB module I'm not sure. If the former, then you'll have to remove and replace one or both modules to upgrade. If the latter, then you could buy another 1GB module and stick it in. There is usually an access panel on the bottom of the laptop, released by removing a small star-head screw, where the memory is installed, and yes, they just slot in. Anyhow here's a link to your memory click here

  menopaws1947 18:49 21 Nov 2007

Hi there this is what I have installed in it
1024MB 667MHz Single Channel DDR2 SDRAM [1x1024] - Vista Only [Included in Price]As it doesn't mention gb not sure how to convert it
Thanks for links

  MAJ 19:13 21 Nov 2007

1024MB is 1GB, so you only have one module in there, leaving room for another 1GB module. Sometimes memory has to be installed in matching pairs, that might or might not be the case with yours. To be sure, phone Crucial on their freephone number 0800 013 0330 and ask. That way you will have Crucial's guarantee that if the memory is unsuitable or causes conflicts, they will replace it or refund you. Tell them that you have 1GB installed, that you only have one free slot remaining and you want another 1GB module to install.

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