extra hard drive

  mec13 12:16 16 Jul 2005

My son has a Fujitsu xp home pen4,3.4 ghz, with a 200 gb hard drive.

For some reason he wants to fit an extra hard drive into his machine (bit worried about warranty etc, not yet a year old). He thinks he know more than me about this computering stuff, so what does one need to know when buying this extra hard drive please.

I personally think if the original 200gb isnt big enough, then what is. He mention's size's of approx 20gb wanted. Is this feasable, and cheap, because its probably me thats going to have to pay for it.

ps! a 'click here' link on how its done, would be nice.

  Terry Brown 12:59 16 Jul 2005

With a 200GB drive, (that is big enough for almost anything), you could fit a second drive, however you would invalidate the warranty. Have a look at a partitioning tool (e.g. Acronis )to create a split 20gb from the original (i.e 2 drives [1] 180gb [2] 20gb (Minus formatting sizes)

  jack 14:42 16 Jul 2005

Perhaps he has some 'half hard' info here
There is a trend to have an 'external' drive connected via a USB port.
This is a way of 'backing up' off machine.
How much?
Lots of Makes sized and models,
La Cie, Western Digital, to name but two
All the box shifters do them and click here to some tasy discounted/dicontinued models.
or you colud svae pennies and make one -easy peasy to do. expect to pay £60/120
and of course being 'external' no warranty worries

  pj123 14:48 16 Jul 2005

I think you would be hard pushed to find a new 20gb hard drive these days, apart from the fact that if you already have a 200gb hard drive 20gb isn't going to make much difference.

"invalidate the warranty" I'm not sure about that. Computers are made to be upgraded like adding more memory, another card or hard disk drive etc. Are you supposed to wait until the warranty runs out before you upgrade your computer? As I build my own computers I haven't tested it.

  Ancient Learner 16:12 16 Jul 2005

Some manufacturers seem to have a closed case warranty, others don't. Which is the position here I wonder. If the latter, I can't see how another HD will make any difference to the warranty. Check to fine print of the warranty.

Ask the manufacturer to get a definitive answer.

  mec13 16:20 16 Jul 2005

My son's problem is his mates at school are all bragging about fitting some 'cheapo' hard drives into their own machines, then loading this Linux os onto the 2nd hard drive. I think what the idea is if all goes wrong, it will only effect the 2nd hard drive fitted.

Common sense tells me, from your advice, that this isn't really a sensible idea at all.

Our previous old faithful win98, PenII 40gb HD (I think)computer, was snubbed by my son. I ended up giving it away, moniter and all to a workmate, who still use's it to this day. If I had not listened to my son then, it would still be here now to be vandilized at no extra cost to me, oh well.

  jack 16:42 16 Jul 2005

Boys will be boys and boys at school always bragging about what they have got, what they do with it when they have it - be it computers, X boxes or
ahem er girls - just keep dumb - what he has is fine.
My 3 years old machine is only a 1.MHz Athlone 40 Gb drive and 1024 memory with 200Gb external, yet it does all the digi photo graphics stuff whizz bang that I need it to do.,

  spuds 17:37 16 Jul 2005

Some nice video's about upgrading click here

  mec13 08:31 17 Jul 2005

Hummm, this one I'll have to think over first, I don't really like the idea of 'breaking into' a perfectly good machine, which didn't come cheap, just for the sake of it.

Thanks for all your advice given.

  EARLR 22:46 27 Jul 2005

I have a Targa Data Box 250 which is usb2 so no trouble with warranty. It sells for 139 euro.

  2020 13:17 12 Aug 2005

hi jack mentioned making your own external hard drive. could you please advise what is required. i have an external enclosure and thought of trying to make another but i don't know what the fittings are, would i pick them up at the likes of maplin?
many thanks

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