Extra Case Fan?

  toon_mad 11:55 03 Nov 2008

Hi ive got a click here PC tower, it has one blue case fan to the rear, and one at the very top. Ive also just ordered a Blue Orb II Heatsink to replace the standard Intel Q6600 Cooler (or lack of!).

Im wondering if its possible to fit another fan like that of the case fans, they are quite small. I want to have my pc pretty cool where temps are concerned, i was thinking if its possible to get a smallish fan to blow air towards my 8800GT or 4x1Gb Ram. Is it possible to put fans where ever, or is there limitations where extra fans are concerned?

Sorry for the longish post, saves me reiterating everything.

Thanks in advance..

  ambra4 12:02 03 Nov 2008

There are no limitations to amount of fans one can install, once there is space to install and you

have spare motherboard and power supply connectors

Multi Fan Power Control Board

click here

  toon_mad 12:06 03 Nov 2008

oh good, cheers.
ill take a photo some time today of my board, maybe get a more expert eye on it. So that link is only if i dont have any spare cables?


  ambra4 12:17 03 Nov 2008

"So that link is only if i don't have any spare cables?"

Yes and No

Can be used if no spare power cable, or you want to

tidy up the wiring after installing Multi fans

  I am Spartacus 12:50 03 Nov 2008

If you have the mounts in the case for 120mm fans they will help deliver a decent airflow at slower and quieter speeds than smaller fans. I'm surprised there isn't a fan at the front with that case.

If you can fit one in the front then that will help.

RAM Cooler click here Corsair also make a similar model as well.

You could cut a hole in your case side window and fit a 120mm fan to blow air over your graphics card. This helps with mine but only by about 5ºC. It does have a knock on effect in that it also blows air over the Northbridge.

If you don't want to cut a hole in your existing perspex panel then you could buy a clear (or coloured) sheet of perspex/acrylic, cut it to size and mount a fan in that.

  Stuartli 12:52 03 Nov 2008

A small fan can often prove more noisy than a larger fan spinning more slowly - the latter also moves more air.

However, you need to ensure that the air flow has a clear and as unobstructed a route as possible from the front to the rear of the case to ensure maximum efficiency.

Normally a low entrance point for cool air from the front for maximum benefit and a high exit point from the rear of the case is the ideal (obviously because hot air rises).

  toon_mad 13:25 03 Nov 2008

Thanks ambra4.

I Am Spartacus,There is a fan at the front, but it is only visible when the front is pushed open, and then i feel no airflow at all, i actually thought it was like a speaker because it does nothing!

And cheers for the advice Stuartli.

  DieSse 13:29 03 Nov 2008

Air flow inside and through cases is a complex subject. Adding fans could, for instance, even make things worse rather then better.

If you want to cool your RAM - then passive heat sinks may be a better bet.

In any case, adding small fans will probably make things noisier.

You should actually look at you temperatures to see if there any issues, rather than add fans willy-nilly.

With graphics cars, hot air might gather underneath them (except where the card cooler has its own exit route through the rear of the system, as some have). Intel used to recommend a fan inlet on the bottom of the case, blowing upwards, to eliminate hot spots underneath graphics cards.

  toon_mad 13:35 03 Nov 2008

thanks DieSse, would not of crossed my mind that it could be worse. As for temps i recently spoke to Spartacus, im averaging around 45degrees celsius idle, and up to average of around 55 on cpu load on a Q6600. So the temps are pretty poor, thats why i just ordered a Blue Orb II yestderday to try and get the temps down. Its only today ive been thinking about adding an extra cheapish fan, in hope of a bit more airflow where the cpu heatsink might not reach.

  toon_mad 13:56 03 Nov 2008

also if i do have the adequate space, and spare fan connectors, to fit the fan iwould i require the fan housing thing, or do all fans come install ready?


  DieSse 14:27 03 Nov 2008

If it's your CPU temperatures that concern you, then wait and see what difference your new heatsink/fan makes. It may cure it.

The temperature of the CPU is pretty much governed by the heatsink/fan you use.

fans normally come ready to mount - needing just the mounting holes to be present. Not sure what you mean by a "fan housing thing"

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