External storage device for photos

  johnexpgn 16:44 26 Nov 2005

Is there an external storage device that I can transfer photo files direct from the camera or cf card without using a computer? Or do I have to get a lap top?

  wee eddie 17:29 26 Nov 2005

or will they remain in limbo?

  The Regster 17:41 26 Nov 2005

John, some new hard drive mp3 players allow you to download photos direct from a camera. The new Ipod is an example click here - this has 30Gb, there is also a 60Gb model. Alternatively try I-River click here.

Both are in excess of £200, but have screens so you can see the photos as well, not to mention the mp3 capabilities.

There may be other dvices out there, but these two were the first that sprung to mind.

  hssutton 17:57 26 Nov 2005

There are a number of storage devices out there, some that save to DVD and some like the one I use which is a 20Gb portable hard/drive. These storage devices have slots for all the normal memory cards & for retreival a USB port. click here

  johnexpgn 10:03 27 Nov 2005

Thanks to everyone for your help.
Will probably go for ipod or similar.

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