External Seagate Drive "lost"/partition gone,help

  KorgY 16:06 16 Feb 2008


I was doing a Format yesterday (normal setup), and wanted to wipe all my data off my INTERNAL drive (maxter), however, to cut it short, I deleted the partition of my seagate drive by mistake i think (it has the same capacity 250GIGS, which makes it a bit more confusing.

Anyway, when i set windows XP pro up, my external drive could no longer be seen (USB). I did try getting it back in partition magic 8, but if it does see it, (it has done, not sure what i did too technical for me) it says "corrupt disk unreadable"(or something similar). if i click on it

It is almost full, with 245GIGS used, and I saw this too, ("5 gigs free") so the data seems to be still there (very important photo's, videos too) but I can't access the drive.

Can anyone shed more light on this for me??



  woodchip 16:13 16 Feb 2008

Take the drive out and fit it as Slave to you main drive then use this. click here

  KorgY 16:24 16 Feb 2008

"""""Take the drive out and fit it as Slave to you main drive then use this"""""

Can I do that with a USB external drive?

  woodchip 19:06 16 Feb 2008

Yes they are same drives. It's only the Caddy and hardware in it that lets you use it as USB. drives are the same as in comp either sata or ata drives

  KorgY 18:30 18 Feb 2008

Well, i used some "file recovery" software to get all my files back, and copy them to my """*internal C drive*"". However, my ""External"" Drive is still "corrupt and unreadable, when I click on it. (done CHKDSK, but it doesn't recognize it)

Will "Formatting my Seagate" repair/recover the External drive, so i can use it again now i've got my files back? - yes, i have my files back, no, i can't use mt Seagate Hard Drive...



  woodchip 19:48 18 Feb 2008

Yes you can do hat, but the Drive may be Damaged. What did check disc tell you about it? heat is the worst thing to look out for in a External driven as is Do not Pull the USB out of the Computer Without firt clicking in the System Tray and Remove Safely

  KorgY 20:06 18 Feb 2008

On Check disk ("Command>CHKDSK")it would just sa "disk unreadable, corrupt drive" or something Similar. Yes, I always switch it off first before unplugging.



  woodchip 16:36 19 Feb 2008

You need to remove all Partitions on the Drive then create a new one and Format it

  KorgY 17:42 19 Feb 2008

It's all been sorted now, thanks for the help,


  Stuartli 17:55 19 Feb 2008


By the way, your Seagate will be listed as a USB hard drive.

I have the 400GB One Touch model and ALWAYS use the Safely Remove Hardware feature before switching it off.

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