External print server set up nightmare

  Trughead 12:10 27 Oct 2007

I have a pc running xp pro. I need the onboard network card to run my modem/internet from.
I have installed a pci network card and this works fine. My problem is this.
I really cannot figure out how to set up my external print server and printer to run from it.
I want one printer on the parallel port on the pc and the second printer from the linksys hub from the pci network card. I have read and tried the instructions for the print server a Lexmark mark net pro 1. I just cannot get the printer attached to it to print.
I can print a test page from it and that tells me Dhcp is active I reset it and have zero value gateway, address dhcp numbers. The netmask is
This is driving me crazy because I am not totaly stupid when it comes to pc stuff but this is just beyond me.
I really could do with a step by step overview of what to do :) Do I have to do something inside my router similar to when setting up port fowarding or something?
Scuse if this post is long winded but I am stuck.
I don't want to set up a network with a second pc and attach the second printer to that and have it on a network. That seems silly when I have an external printer server.
Thank in advance...

  ambra4 04:15 29 Oct 2007

Try This

Connect a USB cable from the print server to your printer.

Attach an Ethernet cable from the LAN port at the rear of the print server to router

Access the printer server and disable the DHCP, which will now a get an IP address from the router

You should now able to see the printer server on the network

Set up each computer by adding a new network printer and direct them to the printer on the server

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