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  [email protected] 10:21 26 Oct 2006

Last night I attempted to link my notebook to our existing CRT monitor..via the VGA connection, but the 1024x786 CRT screen flickered because of the notebooks 60hz LCD screen frequency.

How do I get the notebook to output a higher frequency e.g. 75hz for the external monitor?

Notebook is running XP, and has a nvidia quadro graphics card.


  johnnyrocker 10:26 26 Oct 2006

dont know if this helps but right click desktop/properties/settings/advaned/monitor and set refresh rate there?


  [email protected] 10:45 26 Oct 2006

Thanks. I don't think there is an option for a higher hz setting for the notebook display.

I wonder if I need to install different drivers(?), but not sure how one would apply these just to the external monitor set as "primary"?


  johnnyrocker 10:54 26 Oct 2006

the settings refer to monitor refresh rate, have you looked.?


  [email protected] 13:29 27 Oct 2006

A 60hz refresh rate is the only option in the advanced settings (for the laptop panel).

Would I need to add the external CRT monitor as a new piece of hardware so that the graphics card has chance to adopt a higher rr i.e. 75hz? Maybe the entry level mobile nvidia quadro is just not able to do this - don't know...


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