External HDD Damaged?

  Granger 12:04 02 Aug 2004

I'm using a 250GB Maxtor OneTouch. Like the brain donor I am I ignored the warning that said never use it without installing the driver first. Now it won't work properly. I also ignored the warning to always use windows to disconnect rather than just yanking out the USB cable.

Ok I've learned my lesson, but is the unit physically damaged, or does anyone know something I can do to get it working properly again? Maxtor won't reply to my questions.

I disabled write caching, wihch seems to have helped a bit, but it still goes wrong (PC freezes, or can't disconnect thru windows etc, all intermittent problems).

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:44 02 Aug 2004

run scan disk on the drive. segate do some tools (seatools) for diagnosis and repair and so do maxtor have a look on thier resspective web sites.


  poogles_uk 13:50 02 Aug 2004

I can't really see if being damaged. just yanking out the wire in windows causes no real problem, apart form windows tells you off, if you were copying files it would possibly lose them.

Also plugging it in before installing the drivers can't do much.

Try it on another computer

  jonnytub 13:53 02 Aug 2004

completely uninstall the unit and software, i doubt the drive is damaged, reboot and install as directed by your instructions. You have to make sure you completely uninstall the software and drivers before rebooting and reinstalling.

  jonnytub 13:57 02 Aug 2004

poogles uk

Re: plugging in before installing the drivers can't do much.

Some hardware has to have the drivers installed before it is plugged in, this is VERY IMPORANT as if they aren't xp will install it's own drivers which weren't specifically written for the hardware, although they may work sometimes more often than not you will not get full functionality or at worst the problem granger describes above. I know that a lot of hp printers have a dicky fit if not installed with the drivers first.

Regards Jonny.

  Granger 17:12 02 Aug 2004

Hi guys thanks for the responses. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers with no luck. Things went wrong when I was trying to hot-swap the disk between 2 PCs, neither of which had the driver installed. Now the unit won't work properly even on a fresh PC that definitely has the driver installed first.

When it first went wrong, my PC wouldn't even boot up with the HDD attached. Now it's got better, and when it does work, XP recognises it normally and I can access all data. I have no other problems with the PC (that I'm aware of).

Can't remember if I've tried scandisk, but I will when I get home. I had a look at the Maxtor site and can't see a diagnostic for this device - if I understand it, they only have them for internal HDDs (or have I got it wrong?). The Seagate tool says it tests ATA, SATA or SCSI drives - does that include the Maxtor HDD?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:23 02 Aug 2004

your maxtor will probably be a ATA drive

  Dorsai 17:47 02 Aug 2004

As johnnyTubb said.

Drivers/software first, Hardware second.

I have a friend who bought an HP printer, Followed instructions. pluged it in, then installexd the Drivers. FUBAR. He mentioned to me, his problems. I said just what all above have said. Uninstall the unit. Uninstall the Software, reboot, and then install the software, reboot, and plug the hardware in. He had spent a fruitless hour trying, and following the advice as given by others above got it working in 10 minuites.

As to weather or not the HDD is damaged, i can only offer the comment that the device makers would not instruct that the unit only be disconnected after the 'disconnect deviece' option in windows had been used, if there was a chance that not doing this might do damamge. If there was no chance of damage they would not bother to make the reccomendation, and spend time putting the option in the software they wrote (as it costs extra to write)? I guess.

  Granger 17:47 02 Aug 2004

I've downloaded (but not run) the Seagate diag. I had another look at the Maxtor one, which doesn't say it only works on internal drives. But it does say remove all other hard drives first! Not sure about this, especially with a laptop.

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