External HDD can it be partitioned?

  popgeorge 16:16 20 Oct 2005

I have just purchased a 300gb Maxtor one touch and in my ignorance thought that I would be able to use "Partition Commander" to create 6 Partitions 4 x 50gb set to NTFS and the remaining space to 2 Fat32 Partitions. The extra drive is evident but greyed out.
In the passed I have used "Trueimage" to make backup copies of my system files but find i am running out of space on the two existing fixed drives that are installed. I had ideas of using the removable drive in the same way as the internal drives.
So far i have found that the supplied software for making backup copies, in use causes the system to freeze. "Safely removing the hardware" and the internet gets switch off with the drive.
I have been able to copy to the removable drive using trueimage and also create folders and copy files successfully but its a vast area if i can't partition the drive.
Any help would be appreciated

  Diemmess 16:42 20 Oct 2005

If your new USB drive is to store large images and other data in 6 separate areas ? ..... Undo any weird formatting, back to one nice clean 300G drive

Make 6 new folders. Name each Drive 1 to Drive 6 if you can't think of anything more appropriate.

Since you are not trying to run an OS there is absolutely nothing to be gained by partitioning even if you could manage that.

  popgeorge 17:33 20 Oct 2005

Thank you for your reply, and from what you say i gather that a removable hard drive has its limitations.
I have Me and Xp home on my system, and without checking i would think that Me wouldn't be able to see the removable drive which is formatted to one large NTFS partition, although i am assuming that True image would be happy to create an image of Me and restore it to a Fat32 partition.
The thought had crossed my mind that it would be nice to be able to bootup from a primary partition on the removable disk in the event of a catastrophic failure to the hard drives.
From what you say i will put that dream to one side and make the most of the system as is...

  alan227 17:44 20 Oct 2005
  wee eddie 17:53 20 Oct 2005

However my 250Gb Maxtor has 4 x NTFS partitions, 2 for the PC and 2 for the Laptop, and then 1 x Fat32 partition for my old PC's Backup

  popgeorge 18:25 20 Oct 2005

wee eddie.
Glad to hear it, but how did you do it? without splashing out on different partitioning software than "Partition Command", which came to hand as a free CD with a Mag.

I am using "Diemmess"suggestion and with a firewire connection getting good results. Sadly my house keeping leaves a lot to be desired and i feel that it could look a complete undecipherable mess within a short space of time.

  Diemmess 22:41 20 Oct 2005

popgeorge - I appologise if I misread a "removable hard drive" as a USB connected drive.

If you mean a caddie which can literally allow your new HD to be mounted as a second HD and removable as well, then your problem is simply how to partition it and the same rules apply as for any HD.

The fact remains that there will be arguments made for(and against) either decision, also for/agin partitions.

Personally I have 2 internal HDs and an external (USB) which is connected only for the times when I am backing up data from within the computer.

As for tidiness, granted you have to partition if you want to restore an image of a drive because you cannot restore a drive onto itself! The USB should be left unpartitioned, only divided by as many named folders as needed to kee files in groups most easily found.

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