External HDD

  gtg 22:12 01 Jun 2006

Being fairly new to computers i do not fully understand ext.HDD can i store programs such as nero,microsoft works,etc on an ext.HDD or is it just video and music files?as my 40GB HDD is nearly full.I have not yet bought an ext.HDD for my ADVENT7082.

  wee eddie 22:24 01 Jun 2006

You could keep the Programs on there but I think that that would cause more trouble than anyone but an Expert could handle without a helping hand.

  gtg 22:51 01 Jun 2006

Cheers eddie,what do you suggest as the computers slowing up and giving me problems?

  wee eddie 22:59 01 Jun 2006

and cleared out all your temporary files. (or rather - the other way round)

You could save yourself a lot of money and transfer many of your big Files to CD or DVD .

If your HDD is more than 7/8th full, I have been told that there is normally a considerable slow down.

  gtg 23:08 01 Jun 2006

i never thought of transfering large programs to disc that may be the answer or does this make the programs harder to use,for instance if i am trying to burn CD/DVDS with a single disc drive?

  wee eddie 23:25 01 Jun 2006

I know that it's not impossible to keep the programs on a different drive to Windows, but surely it is simpler to keep your files on a different drive and just call them up as you need them.

  gtg 23:41 01 Jun 2006

I will give it a try mate thanks for your help!

  De Marcus™ 00:12 02 Jun 2006

You can install programs to an external drive if you so wish, it makes no difference to windows so long as the drive is switched on and plugged in when running the particular program.

  wee eddie 07:51 02 Jun 2006

The only downside being the speed of the pipe between Windows and the program in question.

Any advantages that you can think of?

  terryf 11:32 02 Jun 2006

Consider buying another large internal hd and also an ext usb hd. Transfer all your data ie docs, pics, tunes, video, downloads etc to the d drive and always save to a d drive folder. Use the external usb drive for backups, either as direct copies for your data or as (say) Acronis image click here your C drive. Don't use the usb ext drive for normal day to day data because as said above it is slower than an internal drive. You can find details and pictures on a number of sites that tel you how to install a 2nd internal HD. I back up my emails, browser data using a prog called EA8 click here

  terryf 12:06 02 Jun 2006

PS, I wouldn't advise putting programs on any but C drive, they can get confused if not installed on C

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