External HD/Acronis preparatory advice

  al7478 13:17 10 Mar 2007

Hi again folks!

Just a couple of quick questions re the above i wondered if anyone can help with.

Some time in the next month or so i'm going to start using an external HD and acronis TI10, but I want to be as well prepared as possible beforehand.

Can I just take individual files/folders from the main digital image and put those back on the PC HD if i choose, or would I need to do a separate back-up of individual files/folders aswell as the main image back-up...?

I was also wondering what size of external HD you think I can get away with (I would like to get Acronis TI10 and the external HD within a £100.00 budget if possible. I was going to buy on the principle that bigger is better, but I've decided just to make sure i can comfortably do the job).

Now I know you're all asking certain questions, so here, hopefully, are the answers; 160GB HD (or 145, according to My Computer) of which I've got 118GB free, 3.5-4GB music, a handful of small Word/Excel documents, and a pathetically negligible number of pictures, most of which could be dispensed with. I am aware, of course, that the size of the external HD will need to be bigger if I do need to back-up individual files/folders aswell as the main HD image.

Some of the above info may not be that useful to you and you may need more info in other areas, I'm not sure.


  al7478 13:30 10 Mar 2007

I spose this may be of importance too - I'm running XP Home with service Pack 2, and various anti virus/spyware/firewall apps.

  SURVEY 13:39 10 Mar 2007

Al7478 - I kinow that with Ghost you can restore individual files or folders from the Image as you wish; I am sure that Acronis is similar. As regards the size of drive, I have found that it is best to get the largest capacity external drive that you can afford so that you can save several images and rotate them in chronological order. It is appreciated that Image backups are compressed to save space but you may also wish for space on the drive to backup individual folders such as music, photos or perhaps document files as an additional precaution against loss or for backups between regular Image backups. I have gone for a 500GB firewire drive (Western Digital 'My Book' and very good it is too. I also have another 160GB WD USB drive but now use the 500GB for my main Image backups. Th 500GB drive is formatted as ntfs in order to reduce the number of splits of any image that one gets with Fat32 formatting. My other drive is Fat32 as I still backup a Windows98SE laptop.

  Technotiger 13:43 10 Mar 2007

Hi, yes you can work Individual items with ATI10.
Though I have just gone for the Full back-up making a complete Image of my entire computer set-up.

I would suggest a 100Gb external drive at least. After the initial back-up you will need a bit of room for Incremental updates, and if working with Individual Folders that may take up a bit more space too.

  moorie- 13:48 10 Mar 2007

slightly over your budget for both
click here
click here
500gb of space though

  al7478 15:05 10 Mar 2007

SURVEY - I have no idea about this formatting business...?

Technotiger - can i work individual files from within the main (complete) system image, or do i have to back them up separately...?

  Technotiger 15:20 10 Mar 2007

Have not done it myself, but yes according to my User Guide, which I printed from the CD (just under 100 pages) you can. This from the Guide - "Explore Archives: easily search and recover particular files in archives just as in Windows Explorer."

  Technotiger 15:23 10 Mar 2007

For XP the formatting is in NTFS mode. If you need to format a drive, you get the option FAT or NTFS.

  al7478 15:30 10 Mar 2007

Do I need to keep incremental back-ups? Can I not just overwrite(?) the latest back-up, incremental or otherwise...?

A-TI10 saves everything including all xp settings and updates does'nt it...? including Media Player, Outlook express etc...?

Why do i keep using all these - ... - lol!

  Technotiger 15:40 10 Mar 2007

Incremental backups keep your main backup up-to-date. I do incrementals as and when I have made any significant changes.

ATI10 backs up Everything!! All settings included in whatever program. Like all personal settings in email program etc.

  al7478 16:04 10 Mar 2007

So if i just made a small, but (to me) important change to, say, a word or music file, what would be the best course of action?

When you restore things wit acronis, it keeps all windows updates etc...?

And so you have to keep the main back-up, and then just keep the latest backup really?

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