External HD v HD used in an external caddy

  questions4u 18:37 30 Oct 2007

I have a Dell Dimension desktop pc and I want an external HD for back-up purposes only. Could an internal ATA HD in a caddy be as fast as an external HD?

  Technotiger 18:45 30 Oct 2007

I don't think any difference would really be noticeable - but I would prefer a dedicated external drive. I have both, but I only keep the enclosure for emergency use.

  john bunyan 18:57 30 Oct 2007

Technotiger. I was thinking of getting a SATA Internal HD caddy as I thought that the transfer speeds were a lot quicker than for a USB external HD. I planned to get Acronis True Image 11 and keep the HD in the caddy in another part of the house in case of a fire or something, also to back up files and keep photos on it. Do you have comparablr transfer speeds?

  Technotiger 19:02 30 Oct 2007

I don't have comparative figures, but I do agree with your choice. I too have Acronis True Image 11.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:04 30 Oct 2007

The bottle neck is the USB connection.

So USB2 480mbs is the speed that the caddy or External drive will run at so you will not see a difference, even is one is SATA rather than PATA.

If you split open an external dive you will find the same basic HDD installed.

The only way youre going to get faster is if your PC /laptop has an external SATA connector

  john bunyan 19:12 30 Oct 2007

Fruit Bat /\0/\. I thought that for a desk top , the caddy mounted internally was connected like a second HD so transfer would be quicker than a USB? If so is it significant.? A local "tecchie" thought so.

  Technotiger 19:31 30 Oct 2007

Another thought - if mounted internally (I guess perhaps as a Slave to your main drive), why use a caddy - unless I am missing something!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:34 30 Oct 2007

I was reading your thread incorectly for your use of the word caddy.

CAddy can be use to mean a case containg HDD + USB adaptor and power supply (the way I read it).

Or as I now think you mean
a caddy that fits in a 5 1/2 bay and connects direct to an IDE cable.

The second will be limited to the bus rate of your IDE controller and limited by speed of drive and therefror will be faser than USB.

To be honest the only time you might notice is if you were gaming fron a removable drive.

  Technotiger 19:48 30 Oct 2007

I was reading your thread incorrectly for your use of the word caddy.

Me too, when caddy was mentioned!

  wee eddie 19:52 30 Oct 2007

between a Caddy and an Enclosure.

There are removable Caddies which connect as if they were a Slave Drive and yes the transfer speed would be considerably faster than an USB (or Firewire) Enclosure.

I have seen mention that USB is 10x slower than HDD to HDD but I can't, for the life of me, remember where.

However the reduction in time would be considerably mitigated (or even removed) because of the amount of time it would take you to remove the Front Panel of the PC and connect up the Caddy. As opposed to just plugging your Enclosure into the Mains and the USB Port.

  questions4u 21:00 30 Oct 2007

technotiger - you were right the first time I am refering to an external caddy connected by a USB cable.Most of the Internal ATA drives I have found (which I presume I could place in an external caddy)have a transer speed of 100mbps but the dedicated HD's dont seem to quote a transfer speed only the USB figure of 480mbps.
So for my vaugeness I'm a total novice!

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