external hd recognized but files not loading

  freeflowetry 11:20 10 Aug 2006

I recently got a new casing for my external hard drive that is currently holding about 30 GB of very important data (pictures, assignments, etc). It's been working so far - since I was able to load all my files to it - till 2 days ago when the hard drive data won't load on my pc everytime I plug it in (via USB). I see the drive on the computer...so I figured it's being detected, but there's 0 bytes in the volume when I check the size. How can this be? Help!!!

  ArrGee 16:13 10 Aug 2006

Have you tried using the drive on another PC?

  Diemmess 16:46 10 Aug 2006

Space inside such a case is very tight. Are you sure the internal data connection is fully home, and (perish the thought)not damaged?

If you try ArrGee's idea and it still doesn't work, you could try a different HD in the case to prove the case and its bits are OK.

  freeflowetry 20:10 10 Aug 2006

Thank you awfully for the immediate replies...

Nevertheless, I have done both the suggestions. I've tried the drive on a different pc - same outcome. To check the casing, I used a different drive and it seemed to work fine - the detection was timely and the files loaded quickly.

As much as it hurts to conclude it...

Perhaps the drive is damaged.

However, I could care less about the drive itself. I'm just aching over my data....is there any possible way to retrieve my data? Or another trick, procedure, what have you to recheck the integrity of the drive in order for me to backup my data....?

Gosh guys, I'm a pretty desperate here...


  Jak_1 20:24 10 Aug 2006

Is the hdd a standard internal dive in a caddy, if so is the jumper set to master?

  freeflowetry 03:09 11 Aug 2006

Um..yes, the hd I'm using is a standard internal drive in a case. I'm not so sure if I'm right about the jumper but it looks as though it's not. I may be wrong, however...For clarification, how can you tell if it's set to master or not? Thanks...

  terryf 03:43 11 Aug 2006

The jumper settings may be on the drive, otherwise check the mfr website with the drive model, they usually show jumper settings

  freeflowetry 05:59 11 Aug 2006


I figured out the jumper settings: Yes. The jumper is set to master. Thanks..

  Diemmess 08:33 11 Aug 2006

What seems ominous is the sudden change from working to not working without making any changes in your computor.
Also that a simple substitution of that particular HD works.

Forlorn but worh trying -
Hang, or temporarily attach the suspect HD as a secondary drive in your computer.
No need to screw it home first.
Just connect to power and data cables (either spare on temporarily borrow from a CDROM)
Let it stand or lean somwhere like a disembowelling, just so long as the HDs circuit board doesn't touch the PC case and the HD isn't nudged while it is switched on.
You will need to put the jumper to slave or probably CSL first.

  freeflowetry 09:34 11 Aug 2006

I'm not even sure if I'm correctly following through with your suggestion, Diemmess....

However, I'll give it a try. Hopefully I perform it correctly.

By the way..this HD is the second drive - it acts as the backup drive for all of my data (photos, important files, etc)from my laptop.


  freeflowetry 09:42 11 Aug 2006

Hi again...

I just tried it. So far, nothing. The drive was not even detected on the pc. Honestly, I'm not even sure if I executed your suggestion correctly, Diemmess..
Thanks a lot, nonetheless.

I hope there's more I can do or try to do to get my data back...I am surely at my wit's end with this guys..

..but thanks for all the help. If there's anything you think can be done...please suggest away.


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