External HD question

  southpaw 18:51 14 Nov 2007


My old laptop died so I have purchased an external Hard drive kit.

My question is when I plug it into my laptop what will I have access to?

Just the files or would I be able to upload the desktop without loosing my current desktop?

Aplologises if this is a dumb question but I don't know the answer (yet).

Thanks in advance

  Technotiger 19:02 14 Nov 2007

Hmm, if your laptop is dead, you are not going to get anything from an external 'kit'? Unless you can give more details re laptop and external 'kit'.

The best bet would be to remove the laptops drive and connect it as a Slave in another PC, you could then probably be able to recover most of what is on the old drive - though not the OS.

  woodchip 19:03 14 Nov 2007

Just files. I doubt you could run it as it was even dual boot would not work as the Drivers are for another computer

  Forum Editor 19:03 14 Nov 2007

you won't have access to anything when you plug the drive in. The operating system is installed on the laptop's hard drive, and if that has failed you can't start the computer. If you can't do that your external drive won't work.

If you connect the external drive to a functioning computer you'll have access to any files you save to it, but that's all.

  southpaw 19:09 14 Nov 2007

Sorry I should have said. The laptop died due to a motherboard fault. I checked the Hard drive separtly and that was fine.

  Technotiger 19:15 14 Nov 2007

OK - then as already said, connect it as a Slave ....etc.

  southpaw 19:16 14 Nov 2007

Ok. I have now plugged it in via USB and its saying I don't have permission to access some of the files.

They are my files and I have the password I used to access my desktop.

How can I copy my files over?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:17 14 Nov 2007

Plug yor drive into the external cady and you will hve access to all the files and folders but NOT the operting system.

You will be able to recover all your documents, photos and even emails and favourite settings.

  southpaw 19:23 14 Nov 2007

Hi Fruitbat

Yes I have now discovered that I can access them but don't have permission to these?

  Technotiger 19:33 14 Nov 2007
  southpaw 19:38 14 Nov 2007


Sorry does this complicate things.

My hd is XP but my new laptop is Vista.

Also I don't quiet understand the microsoft support in regrads to starting in safemode. Do i need to start my vista laptop in safe mode or is it the other drive?? Sorry confused.

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