External HD not recognised! solve and ill give u $

  frogzz 21:54 12 Jan 2007

Hi... here's the problem

(I will wire whoever can fix this 10 English pounds through paypal(around $20)

The problem = Medion 320gig hard drive
operating system = windows xp

It was working for about 15-30 minutes as I was transfering files. I had some success too.

I then got a couple of 'error' type messages and then it refused to recognise the drive.

Exact messages: found new hardware: USB device
found new hardware: unknown device
and ! USB device not recognized

I have tried many many things to fix it such as uninstalling the driver and reinstalling it, under the device manager, after which i got the messages above. I have even tried it on other pcs and I get the SAME THING!!!

I've also tried using every USB port I have, pluging the HD in good and proper, a load of irrelevant driver nonsense etc and still no joy

SO yeh please help! :-(


  frogzz 22:00 12 Jan 2007

The drive is SATA capable... if this helps.

I am unable to take advantage of it though

  anskyber 22:02 12 Jan 2007

Are you connecting through a third party USB? click here

  frogzz 22:07 12 Jan 2007

No it's a USB attached to my PC

  Chaz10 22:09 12 Jan 2007

Ok I'll have a go. Plug HDD in

Right click "My computer"

Left click "Manage"

Left click "Disk Management"

Does the device show up there?

You may have to chage the drive letter it was allocated for it to be identified.

Do this and post back!

  frogzz 22:15 12 Jan 2007

Nope. All i have is c drive

beneath that disk 0 (my c drive) online


cd-rom 0

then cd rom 1

I have seen this screen before today!

  Chaz10 22:18 12 Jan 2007

How old is your computer?

  audeal 22:18 12 Jan 2007

I have never known anyone to receive payment for fixing a problem on this forum or known anyone to offer payment.

Payment should never be offered or received by anyone on this forum as we are supposed to give our help voluntarily and with the greatest of pleasure, as I do.

If I was able to fix your problem, which I can't, then I would refuse your accept payment.

  frogzz 22:19 12 Jan 2007

it was built around 2.5 years ago.

It's not bad for it's age at all. my friends pc is top notch and the same thing happened on his

  frogzz 22:21 12 Jan 2007

your choice audeal. I really want it to work though because it's going to cost me time and money to send it back. Sorry if i've offended anyone

  Chaz10 22:24 12 Jan 2007

Would never accept payment, if I can fix a machine here then I would, friends have called me to help with there computer probs NEVER charge as I might need a favor from them sometime (they are builders, plumbers, lawyers etc)

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