External HD -FAT or NTFS?

  Probabilitydrive 20:08 01 Nov 2006

Just bought Western Digital External HD (250 GB).

I intend to use it for:

>backup with (NERO Premium 7)
>Norton Ghost (recovery points/Image)

It is formated in FAT, my XP system in NTFS.
Do the two formatsystems interfere for my jobs in hand?

On my first recovery point created (Norton Ghost)in the external HD, I'm finding 4 "Symatec Image files" and 1 "Symatec Recovery Disc file".

(I'm sure thats how its suppposed to be, but I just need a bit of TLC and reassurance.)

Should I ever need to recover from a major crash, are these 5 files all there is for Ghost to fully recreate my system state?


  FreeCell 20:15 01 Nov 2006

Do the two formatsystems interfere for my jobs in hand?


Don't use Ghost so can't answer second part but looks not unreasonable.

  VoG II 20:15 01 Nov 2006

It doesn't matter what format it uses as far as recovering an image is concerned.

If you want to convert it to NTFS click here

  anskyber 20:19 01 Nov 2006

FAT is not regarded as the best for XP or for large discs such as yours. For a number of reasons NTFS is more secure and also does not have maximum file sizes like FAT. This is the reason you have 4 files for Ghost, the full file had to be broken up to fit into the FAT format.

When I got my external HDD I reformatted to NTFS.

My advice to you would be format your new drive and run ghost again to get a single file. Obviuusly back up any other data you have on it first.

  anskyber 20:20 01 Nov 2006

For a fuller explanation click here

  Probabilitydrive 20:27 01 Nov 2006

Will do.

Your links are spot on, I'v been TLC'ed up to my eyeballs by you guys and I'll let you know when the good deed has been done.


  anskyber 20:42 01 Nov 2006

Make sure you format the external drive not the C drive!!

  Probabilitydrive 20:49 01 Nov 2006

Thanks for the reminder, will be mindful and make sure "C" drive is avoided. Tha.

  Miros 20:52 01 Nov 2006

I'm awaiting the delivery of the same model Western Digital External HD (250 GB).
How do you find it? easy to use? Miros.

  terryf 21:00 01 Nov 2006

Suggest that you go to the Western Digital site and download the disk preparation tools that are available from that site, I have just used them to prepare a WD disk and they work like a dream. If you have a floppy drive use the tools for dos, make a floppy , install the drive temporarily instead of your C drive and boot from the floppy. Come back if you need more hand-holding cos 'it's easy when you know how' :-)

  Miros 21:31 01 Nov 2006

Thanks terryf, will do.

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