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  highside 19:44 13 May 2011

Any thoughts please, got a strange problem. Not unreasonbly I store my photo images on external dives and my editing program is on the C drive. I have two freecom (XSS) external USB drives and when I edit photos I very often but not always cant save files within the editing program (Nikon Capture NX2) When this happens if I copy a folder of fifty images onto the C drive all is well and the files can be saved. It was suggested it is a RAM problem so I installed succesfully 8GB - no improvment at all. Have done all the other usual things, deleted cahes and run clean ups, always comes back to the external drives. Would I be better looking into sata connected drives, could the problem be USB orientated or down to a certain make of external drive? All drives have upwards of 300 GB free. Win 7 64 bit. Seldom have any other programs running & no games etc.

  woodchip 19:49 13 May 2011

Are you just pressing "Save or Save As" then choose directory to save to, i.e Drive or Partition

  wee eddie 22:26 13 May 2011

FAT32 or NTFS: Your drive is probably Formatted to FAT32.

Haven't done it for a while but you will need the External Drive to be Formatted to NTFS. Comparatively simple.

  woodchip 22:43 13 May 2011

NTFS is not necessary Windows NTFS can read Fat32. But if your Computer Operating System Is Formatted Faqt32 it will not be able to read a NTFS Ex Drive

  highside 09:03 14 May 2011

Sorry didnt explain correctly. File saving not a problem as such, the problem is saving, for example, after adding keywords in editing program the changes will not save. The error message is 'Cannot save File' but it only means the changed file. The original edits can be saved where I want.

The C: Drve is NTFS & Freecom is FAT 32, never noticed until you pointed it out to me.

I suspect the basic problem is probably a bug in the Nikon software just thought I would throw it around and get your ideas to work on in case there could be more ideas, Thanks for replies.

  wee eddie 11:31 14 May 2011

FAT32 has limits to File Size, File Numbers and length of File Name among other things, not sure what they all are, but I believe that you can change from FAT32 to NTFS while retaining whatever is on the Drive unaffected. Check that one, first, but it is usually recommended to use NTFS if your Hard Drive is NTFS.

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