external hardrrives

  new214 14:55 20 May 2007

Heya al, Ive got a new pc- and a old one- what I want to know is if i can use the hardrive in my old pc as a external harddrive that I could plug into my new pc?? Could I do it using usb- and how would I be able to access this on my new pc- would it show a new drive being connected????

Is there any problems realted to doing this- as the external hardrive would be exposed in the air than being in a case (as nomral external hardrives are???)

any advice???

  hssutton 14:58 20 May 2007

You really need one of these click here , but there are cheaper models on the market

  wolfie3000 15:02 20 May 2007

YOu can buy cases with no problems,
I did this a few months back,
Just take the old hard drive, fit it into the new case and plug it into the usb socket on the new pc (some external cases require a pawer supply but this is supplied with the case.

It really is a five minute job.

Something like this will do the job but best to phone up and explain what you need exactly so you get what you need.

click here

  Totally-braindead 15:09 20 May 2007

Get an enclosure, I have this one click here and did what you are wanting to do, used the hard drive off my old PC works perfectly.

I wouldn't really recommend running it lying outside all the time, dust will get in it etc.

When switched on they just appear as another drive under my computer, assumming you use XP theres nothing you have to do other than plug it in and switch it on.

If you look about you may well get one even cheaper than that one.

  pj123 17:45 20 May 2007

Also this one, which is what I use.

click here

Third one down. You can plug anything IDE into it.

  new214 08:39 22 May 2007

1)Well, Ive got a pc- which isnt working but I want to use the harddrive as an external harddrive that i can plug in to my new pc?

2) Would I need to wipe the whole harddrive- as it still has the windows system and previous files on it?

3) How would I connect the raw hardrive (from my old pc) and put it into a external casing- is there any connnections that is needed??

  wee eddie 08:50 22 May 2007

1. Assuming that the old HDD is still working. Yes

2. No, but a good idea is to move the files you want to keep onto your new PC. Format the old HDD, there-by getting rid of everything including the space that Windows takes up, and then use it as a Back-up Drive.

3. Buy the Enclosure, probably USB, and follow the instructions.

  wee eddie 08:52 22 May 2007

Item 3 should precede Item 2 in real time.

  Technotiger 08:53 22 May 2007

Hi, if you buy an external enclosure as per any of those already mentioned, there is nothing else you need to get, everything is provided and it is just a matter of plugging in you old hard drive. I would advise re-format the old drive in NTFS, assuming your new pc has XP.

  Diemmess 08:59 22 May 2007

1) If you are going to strip what data you can and then discard, you can lash up the old as a secondary HD...... but you will have to meddle with the innards of the new PC.

Much better just buy a powered case for an external HD and use the unit again and again.

2) No you can choose exactly what to delete and what to keep. Obviously the Windows System files are early candidates for the chop.

3)Easy peasy. Open the case, connect the data and power cables (already inside)
Close the case and plug into a USB port on the new computer.

  olyman 16:11 13 Jul 2007

My old computer packed up. I took out the hard drive and put it into a powered case.
I found that I could access the data on a borrowed computer with no problem except that it was a painfully slow process.
My shiny new Dell has arrived complete with Vista and I expected to access the old drive through the USB port as before but the new pc doesn't recognise the external drive. Is this due to a Vista/Xp problem or the fact that the new pc has SATA drives. I was expecting the external drive to act as a USB storage device irrespective of the drive type. Was I mistaken?

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