external hardrive

  orihuela 09:50 28 Dec 2006

My husband very kindly got me an external hardrive for Christmas as I enjoy playing around with my computer. I don't know why I need it really but I have to use it as he bought it for me!

This is really a complete beginners question. How do I safely go about downloading music from the internet - free - onto this hardrive. I really hate downloading stuff but I know I am not getting the most from my computer.

  Kate B 10:39 28 Dec 2006

Well, most "free" music is stolen and in breach of copyright and we can't give you advice on that here, I'm afraid - it's in breach of the forum rules.

To be honest, though, the best way to buy music in my humble opinion is to buy CDs and rip them. Music you buy online is a) encoded in a lossy format and b) hedged about with restrictions on how you can use it. Buy the CD, rip it yourself to your chosen format and your chosen bitrate, then you've got the non-lossy hard copy (the CD itself) as a back-up. I like iTunes for ripping music but others will have other suggestions.

  Diemmess 10:42 28 Dec 2006

There are 2 questions here...
Treat your new HD like any other HD on your computer, specially for relatively safe storage of all your documents, pictures and music.

When you want to save any of these make sure you save them to the drive letter of your external HD.
Make new folders on the HD first like Documents, Pictures, and Music.

Your new toy is a good place to store a backup of your system drive, if you use special software to create an "image" that is the place to store it.

Downloading music is another thing altogether with its legal implications.
You should have quite a response to that one!

  mymate 19:53 28 Dec 2006

Diemmess said this ..
Your new toy is a good place to store a backup of your system drive, if you use special software to create an "image" that is the place to store it.

Why would you want to store your music on it.I would copy my hard disc on to it first, then worry about how to put on your cd collection .

  Diemmess 09:54 29 Dec 2006

A straight copy of the old HD to the new will be fast, but include the operating system and all the major applications, and will neither boot nor run from there.

If you want a system backup then an 'Acronis' made 'image' file can safely be stored there and restored should the system go belly up.

It is a good idea to keep duplicated data files and update them from time to time as backed up.

Music collections can need lots of space, like pictures and that is where a second hard drive in this case an external one is so useful.

Even then CDs or DVDs on quality disks can be a good idea for stuff you don't ever intend to delete.

  Kate B 12:14 29 Dec 2006

I keep all my music on my external HDD so that if for any reason I have to do a clean install of the OS it's all there for me: I don't particularly want to re-rip 500-odd CDs. I've got iTunes pointing at the folder on the external HDD rather than the default folder on the C drive.

  mymate 13:54 29 Dec 2006

I dont have any cds on my hard drive.if i want to listen to a cd i put it in the drive.
And my external hard drive has been used to back up my computer with Paragon .

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