Sima1983 11:40 16 Oct 2007

Hi i just wanted to know if it is possible if i can use AOL throught my external hardrive so my Main Laptop doesnt get slowed down with downloding etc.

Is it possible to do so?

I have done this for my Itunes but i want to access the internet from my external hardrive.

Thanks guys x

  Totally-braindead 13:46 16 Oct 2007

Not entirely sure what you mean, the external drive will still be connected to the laptop and te internet and will use resources from both so it will still slow your laptop down.

  User-1159794 13:47 16 Oct 2007

If you are broadband and connecting via a router,you do not need to have the AOL software on your PC.
The last time I formatted and reinstalled XP etc I decided that I didn't what AOL'S software on my PC,As I never did anything through AOL'S page anyway.
I set up a Gmail account which pulls in my AOL mail and the only time I log into AOL is to clear out the spam.

  Diemmess 13:53 16 Oct 2007

Obviously you can store whatever you download on an external HD, but I don't see how you how you could even download iTunes without using Aol as it is.

In the past I kept most applications on a separate drive, but Aol didn't give me a choice being so tightly integrated with the OS.
At that time I made a separate folder for downloads away from C: and still do so, more out of habit these days.

Surely any slowing of downloads is due to the loading of the host site and the speed of your BB connection.
It should be possible for you to run another application without a noticeable slowness.

  Sima1983 21:28 16 Oct 2007

Hi thanks for the quick replies but what i ment is can i run aol only from my external hardrive and not from my C drive is that possible? if so how do i move it on there?

  Diemmess 09:11 17 Oct 2007

Maybe I could learn something here.

As I see it, in order to download anything from the Internet you need some connection to a service provider which in this case is Aol.

So you can download iTunes to your external drive, but the data comes via Aol.

If you can download iTunes without slowing the computer then the same should apply to anything else you download. The speed may be limited if there is heavy traffic on the site.

Even if Aol will install on a removable drive (and I don't think it will,) it integrates with your OS and uses IE in the background.

I think that even if you use none of Aol's software, and one of the alternatives to IE like Opera you will still have the work done by the drive with the operating system.

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