external harddrives vs sd cards

  casper69 13:04 23 Sep 2010

hi all

i was thinking of saving all my photos and movies onto sd cards to avoid the loss due to damage of dropping it ( like harddrives)

can anyone advise if this is more of a secure way or are there problems the save with ext harddrives?

i know the costing is very differant where sd being higher.


  northumbria61 13:22 23 Sep 2010

A lot depends on how many photos you have and want to save. A hard drive offers more/unlimited capacity but as you rightly point out there is the possibility of damage. Also what if the drive were to become "corrupted" which is RARE these days but can happen then it would have to be a "specialised" recovery.

If you were to use SD cards then you could use as many as you require - so for instance if you had 4 cards in total and one became "corrupt" and your priceless photos were "inaccessible" then 75% of them would be "safe".

Any disc or card is subject to possible "failure".
but I have only ever had 1 HDD failure in over 20 years ! (But I had a backup)

So to sum up - 1 backup is better than none - 2 backups are better then 1.

My method is to use 2 internal HDD's and CLONE every 2 or 3 days - you could do the same with an external drive - it works for me.

  northumbria61 13:27 23 Sep 2010

"If you were to use SD cards then you could use as many as you require - so for instance if you had 4 cards in total and one became "corrupt" and your priceless photos were "inaccessible" then 75% of them would be "safe".

**I should have added that if you were only using the SD cards to backup and then store away in case of HDD failure then this is unlikely to happen - sorry for not making myself more clear **

  robin_x 14:08 23 Sep 2010

Personally I trust hdds more than cards. I have had 2 card failures out of 8 and lost 2. All microSD with USB adapters. I keep them in a little square 'Post-It' note box with a secure lid now.

Cards, a laptop, a desktop and a 500GB USB Ext HDD are regularly cloned imaged to each other.

Need to make extra partitions to avoid imaging images and wasting space.

Really I could do with another HDD.

I dont bother backing up TV/movies (too large)
jpgs and a not huge collection of mp3s are fine though.

Back to cards...I wonder if you bought 4 x 4GB (or 8GB) cards and a cheap USB hub, it could be pssible to set them up for RAID configuration?

That would be the only way I would trust them.

I was surpised how little space my docs, xls and jpgs took up when I tried to do a minimal backup once. Thinks it was less than 8GB.

Now I just backup everything and Hdds are necessary. I mainly use cards for Photoframe, Phone, PVR transfers and one to boot Ubuntu.

  robin_x 14:11 23 Sep 2010

Don't forget email and bookmarks/favourites in essential backups. They shouldn't take too much space.

  casper69 08:42 24 Sep 2010

cheers guys

that has been very helpful in the answers i was looking for.

i have 2 main external hdd at the mo 500gb and 1tb, i suppose paying out for the extra one isnt so bad to guarentee from loss, i was considering space but if the sd card corrupts i dont really have anyway to recover it...or do i?

my option looks to go for the external drive but can anyone recommend good ways to keep the drive safe and also would i need to connect the drive up once in a while to make sure its ok?

i know it sounds extreame but photos and home movies as priceless to me espicially as i get older.


  casper69 08:44 24 Sep 2010

sorry also, does a make and model for an external harddrive make a differance?


  casper69 08:51 24 Sep 2010

also so ( sorry)

click here

would this be any good and also best way to keep the internal drive safe when not being inside a casing.


  john bunyan 12:36 24 Sep 2010

I have a similar system to northumbria61 . This is with a desktop PC. Main Drive partitioned 100 gig for programmes, OS etc, 220 Gig for Data - music (all the old "My Documents" stuff, photos etc). I then have a second identical slave HD in a removable caddy but built in to the tower, and about once a week I clone the main drive to it using ATI. (back up 1 of photos). I also have a USB drive and make an image of the two partitions on it (back up 2 of photos). Then about every other day I use FreefileSynch to make a mirror image of the "My Documents" folder. (back up 3 of photos.) I also, occasionally burn a data DVD or two with the photos. I am thinking of buying a second USB HD as a final belt and braces, but also have a laptop with most photos on it! I have dropped a USB HD and lost the data on it.I find it incredible how many people you meet who do not have back ups.

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