external harddrive problem

  casper69 18:06 04 Apr 2008

hi all

i have a maxtor 500gb external hardrive which i save all of my friends and my own vhs home videos on as back up, but ive used up about 200gb already and the files when draged to desktop or dvd maker the copying files screen comes up and says 200 min left but i left it for 1hr and no change to the time or copying.Also the hard drive screen that comes up with the videos freezes when trying to us?

any ideas how to resolve this or copy the videos to the desktop or disc?

i use winfast to capture the video from the vcr then i use a video converter to save space.


  kjrider 12:01 05 Apr 2008

It sounds as if something might be a bit corrupt on your external HD.

One tip I have found when I couldn't do anything with my external HD on windows OS, was to put it on a PC with Linux on it, when it was able to access and copy all the data across.

hope this helps.


  casper69 19:24 05 Apr 2008



ive got to find a pc with linux on now. do you think it would work with apple mac

  Quiet Life 22:57 05 Apr 2008

You should read this thread.
click here
I have NimbleX (cut down Linux version) on a flash drive now and changing the boot order to USB I can access and move all the files on all drives using NimbleX.

  casper69 17:17 06 Apr 2008

cheers quiet life

if i do this will i lose windows all together on my pc or can i get it back

  Quiet Life 17:22 06 Apr 2008

Does not affect Windows at all. you just change the boot order to boot from Windows.

  casper69 17:50 06 Apr 2008

ive burnt nimblex to cd and booted from cd drive but nothing comes up have i missed something?

  Quiet Life 23:20 06 Apr 2008

Just downloaded and burnt the iso to CD of 2008R.
It takes several minutes to load when it appears to be doing nothing till the login screen comes up
User is root and password toor
Much more complicated than the cutdown version I have on the flash drive but lets you access all the drives OK.
Did you burn the file as an ISO file?

  Quiet Life 10:39 07 Apr 2008

I have only used NimbleX to access files when Windows stopped working. If the files are corrupt for some reason cannot see Linux would be of much help. However kjrider says he has had success. Anyway good luck I am off on holiday.

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