External Hard drive's sporadic appearance

  AllThumbs 19:30 18 Mar 2007

Hi folks,

I've a newish system with a single internal sata drive of 250gb which is not partitioned. I also have 3 external hard drives, one an 80gb unit, one a 250gb unit (run as a back up to all other drives ) and a third which is a 250gb unit partitioned into approx a 10gb scratch disk and say a 240gb spare space unit.

Since I set this up the partitioned external drive only starts up sporadically. Well it runs ok, I've checked the drive is actually running, but it doesn't show up under xp as being there on the system (under either partition). Restarting the system doesn't solve the issue though sometimes turning it off and then on again does.

As the other externals start fine is the issue likely to be a conflict caused by it being partitioned?

  johndrew 11:49 19 Mar 2007

Sounds as if you may be overloading your USB ports.

You don`t say whether this is a desktop or laptop or whether all the USB ports are on the PC or a USB hub or whether you are using a powered or un-powered USB hub. Or even if the external HDDs have their own power supplies or use the USB.

A bit more information may help get a good answer.

  AllThumbs 14:07 19 Mar 2007

Fair enough - soz bout that.

The system is a core duo 6600 desktop unit with 2gb of memory and a 580w psu.

I have two powered USB hubs one of which feeds through the other hub and the hard drives are shared between both hubs. All the hard drives have their own power supplies.

In addition to the 3 external drives the usb hubs support another 6 devices of which 3 are unpowered (pen drive, usb modem, Nostromo)

If it's not about the drives being partitioned I but rather about overloading the usb I could get a single larger external and partition it to emulate the 2x250s....?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:29 19 Mar 2007

You really need to plug external drives direct to a USB socket on the motherboard.

Running a Hub off a hub is asking to burn out the onboard fuse and then you will have no USB at all.

  AllThumbs 17:01 19 Mar 2007

I thought hubs were supposed to be stackable?

"Designed to provide quick and easy access, the D-Link DUB-H7 provides seven Type A USB downstream ports for connecting USB peripherals, devices, or other USB hubs. A single Type B upstream port connects the DUB-H7 to the host computer or another USB hub, enabling up to 127 devices to be connected by cascading multiple hubs."

Or is this just techno sales babble?

  johndrew 17:05 19 Mar 2007

I think you could consider it a bit like a mains socket. If you plug one item in it`s OK, but if you put multi-adapters in (especially more than one adapter) and load each socket available, then the mains socket is going to get rather loaded and the ring main fuse may fail.

  AllThumbs 19:09 19 Mar 2007

Cheers for that.

Will sit down and try and work out a logical spread of the powered units (and see if i've enough usb ports)

Cheers again

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